Sometimes Self-Motivation Is All You Need


You’re running on the treadmill with your final three minutes. Your quads are burning, you feel the sweat throughout your clothes, and you forgot to set your playlist on repeat.  You can feel your body collapsing beneath your wary legs from soreness as your mind asks you when you are going to stop.

But are you really going to give up your goal over three minutes?

There is this saying of psychological self-fulfilling prophecy; where we decide for our own minds whether we can achieve our goals or not.

If you say you can push those three minutes, your body will continue to stay strong on that treadmill for three minutes. The moment you doubt your abilities and say “I can’t” you will find yourself pulling that emergency cord, stopping short of that mile, and feeling frustration. The power is in our minds. You have the strength to run any marathon you want, perform well in any class you desire, and to succeed any weight loss goal you might have. Believe in yourself in your results will follow.

~Wishing you the best in your self-fulfilling fitness needs

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