Organic vs. Natural | For Better or Worse?


    With the Spring not too far from our calendars we begin to migrate toward healthier foods so that we can look fabulous in our sleeveless clothing. One of the struggles we tend to have is affording the dramatic switch. A bag of organic berries at the supermarket is quite often double the amount of your favorite potato chips.

But once we have that bag in our kart, as well as everything else in its entirety that has an organic label on it, the bill goes from $50 to $115.

You can live healthy and buy organic foods, you just have to be selective. Though it’s currently an “to each their own” opinion on organic, here are the scientific facts from various sources:

There is no strong evidence that organic foods are more nutritious than its counterparts

-Both organic and conventional foods have a similar risk of contamination by bacteria

Organic produce is 30% less likely to have pesticide on them

-Organic meats: chicken and pork are 30% less likely to contain antibiotic resistant bacteria, however, you have the same odds of food poison as you would with conventional

According to measured pesticide levels it is recommended that you buy certain organic fruits such as apples, peaches, grapes, and Spinach but unnecessary for produce such as pineapple, sweet corn, avocado, sweet potatoes, and watermelon.

Conventional or organic, eating any amount of produce is nutritious for your body! So if you can’t afford organic, as long as you are filling your body with healthy nutrients either is fine!

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One Response to Organic vs. Natural | For Better or Worse?

  1. Skye Lee says:

    Thanks for the insight, I find that as long as you wash your produce thoroughly (be it organic or not) that you can’t really go wrong.

    What about what they say about the pesticide/chemical free way of growing for certain organic ranges? Would that make a definite impact?


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