Stress Test: How is Stress Controlling Your Body?

Rate how the following statements describe your situation.

 3 meaning, “Yes, this describes me!” and 1 meaning, “This doesn’t sound like my situation at all.”

  1. When you come from work, the first thing you do is go to the refrigerator
  2. While you’re stuck in morning traffic you become frustrated and stop by McDonalds
  3. You sit hours on the computer daily and never take breaks
  4. Sleep is a foreign word to you; you get about four hours of sleep a night
  5. When you are upset, ice cream or some other food indulgence becomes your best friend before anyone else
  6. You skip meals when you’re stressed
  7. You hardly ever put your health first before completing an assignment or doing something for your friends or family
  8. You eat one large meal a day to make up every meal you have missed
  9. You are the master of having excuses not to exercise
  10. You never eat at home

Add up all of your points.

If you are in the higher 20s…. You tend to be a busy body who puts deadlines before anything else. 

Take a break. Take your eyes off your electronics every hour, then take a deep breath, and have the world to yourself for a small amount of time. In fact, when you’re at home put your smart phone away. This is the only time you have with your loved one’s. If you are single, take time for yourself! We use our bodies over and over but never allow it to take a break from all of it’s uses.

Also, you need to start scheduling your diet; even if it’s a general time area it lets you and your body know it will be receiving fuel. Skipping meals and indulging once daily destroys your metabolism and causes you to overeat at that moment. Our bodies are not meant to eat once and then survive another 24 hours. Be conscious of what you do when you get home; find another solution besides food. Take a warm shower with lavender to release tension, take a walk in the hallway when something at work frustrates you, and find another alternative to breakfast besides McDonalds such as boiled eggs. Most importantly, stop burning the candle at both ends. Poor sleep is dangerous for your cardiovascular health, mental health, and even correlates with a higher risk of breast cancer. So take a second after reading this post and create a plan to improve your overall stress and health!

If you are in the mid-higher teens/lower 20s… become aware of your body

You’re not in the danger zone, but you need to begin being aware of how you handle your situations. The higher your number is, the more stress and tension that tends to build; increasing your occasional habits to daily habits.

If you are in the lower teens or even at nine, share your health tips with your peers

Not many of us have the glory of claiming the perfect low-stress lifestyle, including some of your best friends. Don’t be afraid to help them and show them insight! You may have two completely different jobs, but showing your high-level-stressed friend support will not only benefit them, but yourself as well.

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