Divorce Emotionally from Food


We’re women. We’re stressed. We’re overachievers. We excel. We’re multitalented machines who never stop at what we love. For some of us, that includes a love for food. And that is where we begin to take a downfall. Food is seen as a band aide to our imperfections those times where we complete a task, yet point out our weaknesses.

Tell me one time where you did a great job, and you didn’t pick out your faults along the way. There is always room for improvement, but we need to realize we are amazing above everything else. When we doubt ourselves, sweets, carbohydrates, and more sugars make us feel better. We look to sugary syrups, fried breading, and salty snacks to fill our troubles. But it’s clogging our bodies and increasing our risk for diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. Don’t damage yourself for the comfort of food. Find your support system in life who fulfills that need and use that stress to go running, dancing, or even a pole class at Bella Forza. Every woman is special in this world and should have the opportunity to ‘divorce’ from food.

With your health and love in mind,


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