Traveling Fitness Tips


     It’s our favorite season to travel. The sun is shining, pools are open, and family vacations are planned. One of our readers asked for our advice on how to stay in shape without using the hotel fitness equipment.

“Dear Bella Forza,

I hate using hotel equipment; or sometimes the hotel may not even have a gym. How do I stay fit in my room while traveling with my family this summer?” 

Two Words: Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are similar to a lightweight stretchy cable that force your muscles into constant tension when you pull on them. Instead of using a metal mass (that you can’t carry on luggage) you are fighting against your own body’s resistance, as well as the band’s.

Buy a set of resistance bands from Amazon, Walmart, or Target that have three different levels of resistance. Next, we recommend these exercises for each part of your body:

Band Workout

Spot Training Combined

Victoria Secret Legs Workout

Abdominals A

Abdominals B

If you usually take group classes and need that verbal motivation to keep your body going, purchase a workout cardio video from your favorite celebrity trainer. If you love dancing, find a cardio dancing dvd; if kick boxing, find a tae bo workout dvd from amazon. Or, subscribe to fitness YouTube channels for their videos to prevent the risk of scratching DVD’s during travel. Another option is to check out websites for fitness magazines, such as, and follow along their video workouts.

Wishing you the best in fitness,

~Bella Forza

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One Response to Traveling Fitness Tips

  1. Kaity says:

    The Nike Training app is also great for on the go workouts with verbal cues and interval training! And it’s free 🙂


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