Simple Switches to a Healthier Lifestyle!



Okay, so we all want that “quick fix” to get skinny, right? There’s no denying in the fact of how nice it would be to have one simple solution to get rid of unwanted body fat and those awful pounds we all want to loose. But if there were such an easy way, then what would be the point of healthy food and fitness centers? We have to work hard to achieve our goals, obviously. But here are some very simple switches for a healthier and leaner lifestyle. You can start today you will already feel more energized and happier with yourself by next week! So lets start of with the first step…


Starting out…

So how exactly should you start? Do you go to the store and buy every single healthy thing you see on the shelf and eat it? Do you spend 2 hours a day at the gym sweating your butt off? No!

  1. First set your goal and make it small. Why do you want to start becoming healthier? Do you want to loose weight? Gain muscle? Gain energy? Once you have the reason of why you want to start becoming healthier go from there.
  2. How will you obtain it? Remember the saying “calories in does not equal calories out”. If you eat 500 calories worth of junk food do not think that burning 500 calories on the treadmill will compensate for it. All calories are different; try to eat 500 calories of fruits and veggies and whole grains vs. 500 calories of high sugar junk food. Back to obtaining your goals though.. How will you do it? Keep reading for simple switches you can make to help YOU obtain your personal goals.
  3. Stay motivated! Get friends together on this. It is a great way to stay on track, have support, and even become closer as friends. This isn’t a race to see who can loose the most weight. This is a fun support group to help plan healthy meals together, people to go on walks with and help you through the time when you truly want to give up. After all, what are friends for?
  4. Do not make excuses! Everyone can live a healthy lifestyle in his or her own way. If you are always at work, try to pre-pack your lunch with enough protein and fiber to help keep you full. Get a cute and fun water bottle that you can take with you to drink lots of green tea and water! Stretch every hour; even do a few desk exercises or yoga moves at your desk to get oxygen flowing! Too busy with the family? Take walks together, do family time at the park and stay active. Not only will you start being healthier, but you will introduce your children to a healthier lifestyle that will help better their lives Physical Activity will reduce your depression, help you think and sleep better, and most importantly improve your health.


Before you go on, here is a quick recap.

1.)  Set your goal. Start of small.

2.)  Figure out how you will obtain it; use the tips below to help you get started!

3.)  Stay motivated with family and friends.

4.)  Sneak in small exercises and stretches to prevent fatigue while at work, or even get people from work to do a 30-minute stretch session with you!


Now, here are some very simple switches you can make in your life to help you get started!

–       Greek yogurt for sour cream. Sour cream is always a must have for taco or burrito night. To get that same “must have” taste, add a scoop of plain Greek yogurt to add the protein and reduce the fat! Also, swap out plain yogurt for Greek yogurt! It offers about 2x the protein and half the sugar, with the same amount of calories, or even less in some cases. Not crazy about the taste? Get a flavored version or mix it into a smoothie!

–       Frozen grapes for Popsicles. Weird idea right?  Pre-wash your grapes and put them in individual Baggies. Stick them in the freezer overnight and the next day you will have your own bite-sized snack vs. a sugar filled Popsicle.

–       Oatmeal for sugary cereal. Admit it. No one actually measures out a serving of cereal to eat. Admit it, you have packed that bowl full of your favorite cereal and added all that milk to get the yummy taste that you love. But… are you actually full after that bowl of Frosted Cheerios (even though you thought they were healthy…?). Try to make some oatmeal and add in healthy fruit, some cinnamon, or even raisins to add the flavor you love. Oatmeal provides high levels of fiber, low levels of fat, and high levels of protein to help keep you fuller!

–       Lean meats for fatty ones. For a boost of protein when watching fat intake, go after lean meats like turkey and chicken over pork and beef. Buy fresh meats and try to grill or bake them. Frying chicken will add the calories and fats you don’t want. Instead of bacon in the morning try turkey sausage, or if bacon is a must have in your house you can switch it out for turkey bacon!

–       Food Prep on Sundays for the week instead of eating out. Fire up the grill or the oven, even the crock-pot! Make some chicken or turkey (lean meats) and freeze it for the week. Right there, you are cutting out the preservatives in the already frozen packs of meat and you know it is fresh lean meat. All you have to do is de-thaw the meat and add it to a salad, egg white omelet, or even use it as the main dish! Also, cut up all your veggies and fruit and put them away in organized containers. You are more likely to snack on the food you pre-made vs. having to wash the produce each time you eat. Make sure your fruits and veggies are always fresh vs. being frozen.

–       Add in vegetables whenever possible. Just like above, prep out your food for the week and add in your veggies! They are great in soups, casseroles, pizzas, smoothies, omelets, and sandwiches. If available, juicing veggies is also a great way to get in your veggie servings! Try to stray away from the high sugar “fruit and vegetable” drinks. More than likely you will be getting more sugar than you bargained for.

–       Choose lighter versions of your favorite coffee drinks. Starbucks Vanilla Latte is 250 calories alone, 6g of fat and 35g of sugar. A “Skinny” version (non-fat milk, sugar-free syrup, and no whip crème) is only 180 calories, 0g of fat and 16g of sugar) if you get a Starbucks drink Monday-Friday every week this will cut back 350 calories, 30g of fat, and 95g of sugar per week! Do the math yourself by looking up nutrition facts of your favorite drink from your coffee place you go to.

–       Yoga instead of Facebook. Got a spare 30 minutes? Instead of hoping on Facebook or Twitter, hop onto a yoga website and get some good yoga moves. This is a great way to get some stretching and exercise into your day. This also gets oxygen pumping into your body and makes you feel more alert and awake!

–       Self-love for self-criticism. Last but certainly not least (this may be the most important!) People often focus on their negative features rather than their positive features. Become aware of your thoughts and actions and take small simple steps to change it. Becoming healthier and more active with family and friends is a great place to start!

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4 Responses to Simple Switches to a Healthier Lifestyle!

  1. nbuchan says:

    Great post! Really practical and useful advice for making some great lifestyle changes! Love the food prep day too!


  2. Love these tips! I love eating clean, and this is a very helpful post to keep me on track 🙂


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