Tighten, Lift, and Tone!


For years people have been taking sculpting classes to build their lean muscle and blast away fat. Sculpting classes are a blend of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. You will be working your smaller muscles at high intensity intervals while using small 2-3 pound hand weights, and typically a mini stability ball. With this workout you will be engaging your core muscles the entire time, if done correctly. This is extremely effective because your core is always working to support your movements. If you want a workout that will challenge, inspire, and make you feel like a ballerina all at the same time, these sculpting classes are for you!

So what exactly are the benefits?

1.)  Works muscles and relieves pressure on joints. Using small and controlled movements to sculpt your smaller muscles will help reduce pressure on your joints and spine and strengthen your core. You will be stretched from head to toe, while engaging your core and lower half of your body.

2.)  Better posture. Taking these classes not only improves core strength but also your posture because of the focus on correct form and alignment.

3.)  Increased Flexibility. Not only will sculpting strengthen and tone you, but will also stretch you to create flexibility on all body types.

4.)  These classes do not get old, or easier! When you start out with sculpting classes you might opt the weights out. As you continue to go, you will add the weights in but using these smaller movements makes this class fun and hard enough to keep you coming back class after class and year after year!

5.)  Lastly, you will see results- fast! If you take a sculpting class about 2-4 times a week, you should notice changes in as little as one month! You will see an improvement in your posture, thinner thighs, sculpted arms and back, stronger core, and a lifted bottom! You will also build more lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism which will give you more energy and burn more calories.

Interested in taking a body sculpting class?

Come try our very own classes inspired by the Barre method hat will make you leave feeling worked, looser, stronger, and leaner!

 Body by Bella- Emphasizes form and alignment while performing low-weight and high rep exercises to sculpt lean muscle. It combines the muscle-shaping principles of isometrics, the body-elongating practice of dance conditioning, the science of physical therapy and the intense pace of interval training. BFF Barre is a fantastic total-body workout for everyone!

Booty by Bella- A muscle-conditioning class that tones and shapes your hips, thighs, butt, and abdomen. Exercises target and tone your entire core and lower body. A fun and stress-relieving way to burn off calories!

Body Intensity- Take our Body by Bella class and stretch it out for an hour and 15 minutes! With this class you will have more time to work on each muscle group to strengthen, tone, and stretch you!

Cardio by Bella- A fast-paced, cardio workout that implements low-weight, high-repetition exercises to sculpt lean muscle. Inspired by the Barre method, you will leave feeling empowered!

Call us now at 513-871-BFF4 or go online at


to sign up for a sculpting class inspired by the barre method!




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