It’s Time to Switch up Workouts!


           When it comes to exercising, a lot of us fall into the same routine. You may only do the elliptical or run the same route every day or even do the same workout class. Some of you may belong to a fitness center that only offers one type of workout, such as Pilates or Yoga. These are all amazing workouts that you should keep doing, but maybe try adding in a few different exercise routines throughout the week. In other words, mix it up a little bit!  Typically instructors of a workout class will try to switch up the routines a little bit but you are still working the same muscle groups over and over again. Over time, these muscle groups build up resistance to what you are doing and your workout becomes less effective. You may even be afraid to try something new for fear that you have never tried it before so it may be “too hard”, but isn’t it rewarding to see the end results and knowing that something you now find easy was too hard at one time?

          So why switch it up? You really like your routine and you’re comfortable.. That’s great! Keep those workouts in your life, but try to add new and different classes to expand your horizon. Here are some of the many benefits of switching up your routine.


1.)  Prevent overuse injuries. When you are constantly working the same muscle groups you are more likely to get what is called a repetitive strain injury. Switching up routines gives your muscles a chance to rest and recover while being able to still workout because you are working a different group of muscles.

Image2.)  Building new muscles. By working out all different muscle groups throughout the week you will start to see (and feel!) new muscles building. This will help boost your metabolism and lower your body fat percentage over time.


3.)  Break that weight loss plateau. When you do the same workout over and over your body adapts to it and eventually you start to burn fewer calories. As you add in new workouts, your body has to work harder and you will begin to use newer muscles and burn even more calories than you would in your typical workout.

4.)  Get excited about working out again! Do you sit there and count down the seconds until you are done with your 30-minute treadmill workout? If yImageou do it every time you workout, we don’t blame you! This makes it hard to become motivated to workout everyday and eventually you just become burned out. When you add in new routines you will start to see different results resulting in more workout motivation! Not only will you look and feel great, but also you will have more energy to use while working out!










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2 Responses to It’s Time to Switch up Workouts!

  1. I do need to switch up my workout! I try to do different videos every day and alternate them week to week, but since I workout so often it’s hard to find a lot of new ones.


    • That’s great! Try to isolate muscle groups since ou workout so often. Work on legs one day, arms and chest the next day, shoulders and back the day after that, then isolate one or two days for cardio and one day for rest! Keep up the great work!


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