6 Simple Steps to Detoxifying your Body After the Holidays

Detoxify Your Body after the Holidays

          Thanksgiving is over, and now we are prepping for other Holiday Festivities that include even more heavy meals and sweets. Thanksgiving is a great time to reconnect with family and friends, but there is no escaping the heaping amounts of food we consume during this time. Get in-shape and detoxified just in time for more Holiday Events, and repeat this for the new year to start it off on the right foot!

Tip: remember that the point of Holidays is to enjoy time with family and friends. this is a marathon, not a sprint. You will not loose weight overnight but you will become less bloated and soon the pounds will melt off if you simply stick to a healthy lifestyle.

First thing is first… Ditch the Thanksgiving leftovers and sweets, but keep the turkey!

Turkey contains twice the protein that chicken or other lean meat contains, therefore turkey is a great thing to keep around. The stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pie, cookies, and other yummy desserts are just going to keep the holiday pounds packed on. If you have too much to throw away, call your local soup kitchen to see if they accept donations (‘tis the season of giving!).




Second. Take a trip to the store. You do not need to spend much on this trip. Grab the basics…

– Lean Meat (chicken, turkey, fish, etc)

– Almond, Soy, or Non-Fat milk

– Fresh produce… do not grab too much because it may go bad. Take 2 trips to the store per week to ensure fresh produce

– Greek Yogurt (check sugar content!)

– Olive or coconut oil

Skip the crackers, cookies, pretzels, tortillas, white bread, etc. Swap out your normal bread for Ezekiel bread or Ezekiel English Muffins. They are gluten free and contain only sprouted grains! Click here for more simple swaps to help tighten a few belt buckles.


Third- Eat. Yes you read that right! Eating a balanced meal even when you feel bloated after holiday binging is the best thing to d

Skipping meals will force your body to hold onto any fat from the holidays because it will be forced into starvation mode. The key is figuring out when and what to eat.

Here is a sample meal plan to help you follow a healthy lifestyle, even after detoxifying your body!

Before breakfast:

–          Water or Green tea with lemon, a multivitamin that you may be taking


–   Breakfast Smoothie

  • Skip the milk and juice, and just add water and ice for fewer calories and fat
  • Add in: Fruit + a gren (spinach or kale) + water/ice + Plain greek yogurt for thickness


–  Choose a single serving of fruit, nuts, or vegetables


– Complex Carbohydrate (quinoa, whole grains, beans/lentils, oatmeal)

– Lean protein

– Vegetables


– Choose a single serving of fruit, nuts, or vegetables


– Lean protein

– Vegetables

Four. Hydrate! Drinking water and plain green or herbal tea throughout the day will not only keep your hydrated, but will help clean out any toxins in your body, speed up metabolism, and keep you full. Drink at least two full cups of water in between each meal to ensure you are getting enough water throughout the day.

Tip: take your body weight and divide it by 2. The number you get is how many ounces of liquid you need to consume throughout the day. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, you need to drink at least 60 ounces of water throughout each day.


Five. Start off easy at the gym. You’re probably gung-ho about working out right now and think a killer workout is what it will take to get you back on track, but ease back into the gym. It’s better to do a little bit every day then go to the gym, push it too hard, and then be so sore that you can’t move for days!


Six. Stray away from the scale. Because of all the extra holiday goodies, which included added sugar, salt and fat, you’re probably a few pounds heavier than normal. Instead of stepping on the scale and feeling down about the number, just forgo the scale. Follow these tips and weigh yourself in a week. You will be happier with your results!

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