It is OKAY to Skip Your Workout!

Yes, it is very important to keep a healthy diet and stay active but, do not over do it. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as overtraining. Your body needs rest, and skipping a day or two at the gym will not completely throw off your entire fitness schedule. Do not stop your exercise routine completely, but take one to two rest days a week for your body to truly recover and preform the best it can during workouts. We call these skipped workout day “rest days”.


So why is it okay to skip a workout and have that rest day? Here are 5 reasons that are on the top of our list!

1.)  Exhaustion. Working out every day along with a hectic work and/or school schedule can be exhausting. If you get up early or stay up late to workout, spend your one to two rest days actually resting. It will be good for your body!

2.)  Your muscles need time to repair.  When you’re building muscles, you’re actually tearing them. You have to give your body time to repair those muscle tears, which makes them stronger, in order to productively tone up. After a big workout strength session, try to take the next day off to repair.

3.)  Injury and Illness. If you frequently get sick or find yourself consistently nursing an injury, it’s time to back off. Without enough recovery time, exercise can break down the immune system making you more susceptible to colds and flu

4.)  Spare time. Use your spare time to catch up with family and friends, cook meals for the week, or even just treat yourself to a special day or shopping or getting your nails done. Skipping a workout does not mean that you have to sit on the couch all day. Get out and enjoy yourself, or catch up on cleaning and other household needs.

5.)  To bring yourself back to reality. Learn that it is okay to skip a workout. Yes, it is okay to have those rest days in between workouts! When you miss a workout, it is not the end of the world. You are letting your body rest and repair so you can hit the gym tomorrow feeling even better!

The picture below has a few great tips of what to do on your rest day. Click on the picture to follow the link to find even more great ways to productivity spend your rest day.

Rest days can be one of the hardest things for me because I always have to figure out what to do with myself! It can be hard to take a day completely off but honestly, your body needs it. These are the things I do to use my rest day to be productive, help my body recover and move into my next week with clear motivation!<br />For more nutrition &amp; fitness info &amp; tips go here. :)


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