Staying Healthy While on Vacation


Vacations are a time to relax and unwind. It is your time to go explore new places and simply forget about the rush of life for a little bit. However, abandoning your heathy lifestyle while on vacation can reek havoc on your immune system. So how do you unwind and have fun on vacation without worrying about staying healthy? Simple!

First, remember to bring any supplements and vitamins that you typically take ending these just for vacation could confuse your body even more making you feel more fatigued. Consider adding a probiotic to your vitamin routine to keep your digestion in working order during your travels. Instead of carrying all your vitamin bottles, save space and time by dividing them into small baggies before your trip.


Stay hydrated the entire time. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your flight or drive to prevent bloating. While on the trip, be sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. This will fight fatigue, keep you fuller longer ,keep your skin and hair hydrated, and so much more! No matter the destination, water is the number one thing to drink.


Do your homework before you reach your destination. Scope out some good place to eat where you’re staying. Also,if staying in a hotel, try to find a hotel with a kitchenette so you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. If a kitchenette is unavailable, try to find a hotel with a fitness center to keep up with your fitness early in the morning. Summer is also the perfect time to visit local farmers markets for meals and to pick up some seasonal food to snack on. Many cities and towns feature farmers market on several days of the week during the summer months. Take advantage of the sunshine and pack a picnic using ingredients from a local grocery store instead of heading to a restaurant for every meal. Bottom line,do your research for grocery stores or healthy places to eat out. As well as a hotel with a kitchenette and/or fitness centers.


Pack plenty of healthy snacks so you don’t fall into temptation. Vacation is a great time to relax and splurge but the last thing you want is to be filling up on junk from the gas station when mid-afternoon hunger strikes. Apples, bananas, trail mix, individual packets of peanutbutter and dried fruit all make healthy snacks that can easily be tossed into a backpack or purse.


Keeping up your exercise routine is also crucial to your health and makes it easier to get back to the gym once you’re home. Exercise on vacation doesn’t need to be the same as it is at home. Walking is a great way to be a tourist and explore a new vacation spot and many cities now offer bicycles you can rent for just a few hours. Get creative and have fun – all while keeping your heart pumping! If your hotel or wherever you’re staying at has a fitness center try to wakeup early and get a quick session in before breakfast!


When out to eat, choose baked, broiled, steamed or fresh options. Avoid things that say smothered, greased, etc. As well as watching your portions! Restaurants are notorious for giving bigger than needed portions


Lastly, just remember to relax and have fun! Avoid the all or nothing mindset, let yourself indulge a little bit because after all,it is vacation! Remember our tips and tricks and you will be set for a great and healthy vacation.

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