5 Simple Steps To Being Punctual

Living in the fast world of 2014, the saying “time is of the essence” becomes extremely prevalent. Being “fashionably late” isn’t the trend anymore, and making people wait for an important meeting, coffee date, or workout is simply frowned upon in everyone’s busy schedule. Being on time isn’t just respectful, but if you are constantly late for meetings and appointments, you may be throwing away your opportunities to network. So how can you make sure that you get on time to those important meetings and dates without taking too much time out of your schedule?

1.)  Do a walkthrough. Make sure you have time to get from place to place throughout your day. Go to Google maps and enter in addresses to map out how long it takes to get from place to place and be sure you have at least 5 minutes of wiggle room (for traffic or any other unexpected event). Doing a walk through the night before gives you time to push back a meeting by a few minutes just incase the previous meeting runs late.

2.)  Avoid doing too much before you leave for an appointment. If you have about 15 minutes before you have to leave, avoid doing a consuming task. Instead, answer a few emails or take the time to decompress and prepare for your appointment.

3.)  Get a central organizer. Do you have post-it notes all over the place with times and meetings on it? Convert to a calendar on you phone or desk with all appointments and times on it. Only write down appointments on the calendar, and nowhere else to ensure prime organization. If you have appointments in multiple devices (iPad, iPhone, Google, etc) try to sync all of them up to each other.

4.)  Get everything ready beforehand. Have you every left in a rush, and then had to turn back around because you forgot something? Getting everything ready the night before such as your attires, your bag, your materials, etc. prevents delay from trying to look for things in the last minute.

5.)  Practice on waking up right when your alarm goes off. Nothing feels better then getting more sleep, until you realize its 7:45 am and you have to leave at 8am for work. Wake up immediately when the alarm rings! Do not give yourself any chance at all to talk yourself into falling back sleep! Oversleeping usually results from not having enough sleep. Be sure to give yourself enough sleep-time by preparing everything the night before.

Why the Snooze Button Is Ruining Your Sleep






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One Response to 5 Simple Steps To Being Punctual

  1. shakeclouds says:

    interesting .. being punctual is understimated sometimes 🙂


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