Stay Fit: Outdoor Fall Adventures


Autumn is a beautiful time to skip the gym on a weekend morning and get outdoors with family and friends, or simply take a few moments by yourself. We begin to notice that summer is becoming more of a distant memory as the air begins to become crisper and the leaves begin to change to shades of yellow and orange. Autumn is a beautiful and perfect time to get outside and be active. Not only is being outside simply better than being cooked up indoors on a treadmill, but you get fresh air and Vitamin D that are shown to help boost your moods, making you feel better about yourself and those around you. So, go grab a light jacket, some comfortable exercise clothes, and get outside this fall to stay healthy!

So what can you do during the fall to stay active outdoors?

1.) Hike/Walk (or bike!) a wooded trail- Many trails this time of the year are a beautiful sight to see. Hiking and biking outdoors is shown to be more effective than walking on a treadmill because you have to physically walk around or over rocks and sticks, and you are naturally walking up hill instead of on a treadmill incline.

2.) Pick Some Fresh Fruit- Apples are amazing in any fall desert, or simply on their own. Picking fresh apples forces you to walk around, possibly climb a latter to pick the apples, and gives you a chance to get fresh picked fruit from a farm of your choice. Also, apple orchards typically have freshly made hot apple cider and other products for sale. Some may not be the healthiest of choices, so beware, but also remember to still have fun and enjoy your self!

3.) Visit a Pumpkin Patch- Just as the apple orchards, Pumpkin Patches are great for walking around and lifting up heavy (or light) pumpkins and carrying them around. Opt out of a wheelbarrow if you can carry the pumpkin to get in the added benefit of carrying the heavy pumpkin while walking around.

4.) Visit a Corn Maze- Typically Corn Mazes can be found in Apple Orchids or Pumpkin Patches. Some corn mazes take 45 minutes to an Hour to complete, depending on the difficulty. You could end up walking few miles in that amount of time, all while having some Fall Fun!

5.) Play some backyard football- Sunday’s are a great day to be lazy and watch some football, but before the big game, grab some family and friends and make your own football team. Some communities have their own fall sports leagues to play in as well. This is a great way to be outdoors, build new friendships, and burn off some extra calories!

6.) Clean up the outside of the house- This one may be the most dreaded on the list, because most of us do not wake up in the morning thinking to ourselves how excited we are to go rake up the leaves. However, if you spend a good portion of the morning raking up leaves, mowing the lawn, and freshen up the outside of the house/garden you are sure to burn about 200-300 calories an hour depending on the amount of work you put in. So why not burn the calories while making your house be the best looking one on the street?

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