DIY: Painted Plates

I have a thing for dishes.

I’m not ashamed to admit this.

The feeling I get, whenever I walk into a store and see rows and rows of beautiful plates and bowls, is probably equivalent to the feeling of junior-high puppy love. But without the braces and awkward school dances. There is just something about the endless possibilities of creating a beautiful table that makes me want to buy every dish I come across. My bursting china cabinet will disagree.

To help ease the pain of my dish-fetish, I’ve started crafting my own! The set I’m about to share is going to be used in my tablescape for fall. The concept of how these were made is so simple; you could easily customize the design, color, or pattern to fit your style!

First I picked up six clear glass OPPEN plates from IKEA for 99 cents a pop.


Luckily for me, the price stickers on the back were easy to remove by simply peeling them off slowly. If yours seem to be a bit more stubborn, I’ve found letting them soak in hot water for a while helps. Also Goo Gone, or any other adhesive remover should help get your plates free of those annoying stickers.

Once they were clean, I flipped them over and painted a sunburst pattern on the back with Liquid Leaf Leafing Paint in Brass. I found mine at Michaels Arts & Crafts, but any liquid leaf paint would work.


I repeated that process to all six plates, and let them dry for a few hours.

Next, I brought them outside to spray on the final color. Remember, you want to spray the BACKS of the plates—the same side you painted your first pattern on.


The color I chose was Gloss Plumberry by Valspar Color Radiance, and took a few coats (with drying time in between) to get the even coverage I was looking for. When spray-painting, multiple light coats are your best friend. Spray too much too fast and you could end up with drips, and let’s face it, those are just NOT attractive.

Once my last coat of color was dry, I gave my plates one final spray of Rustoleum Clear Gloss to seal everything.

After another hour to make sure they were good and dry, I flipped them over to reveal my brand new set of adorable purple and gold plates!


I am in LOVE! So many designs and color combinations are running through my head right now it’s insane.


Price breakdown of these DIY Painted Plates:

  • 6 IKEA OPPEN Plates = $6
  • Liquid Leaf Leafing Paint = $6
  • Plum spray paint = $5
  • Clear gloss spray paint = $3.50

Total: $20.50

So for around $20, you now have six beautiful new custom accent plates to help brighten up your table!

Projects like these are great because once you’ve bought your supplies; you can use them for all sorts of future projects as well. I already had the liquid leaf, plum spray paint, and clear gloss spray paint on hand from previous crafting adventures, so my set only cost me the $6 it took to pick up the plates from IKEA. Of course, you do not have to use the same paint or supplies I did. If you have spray paint in your garage you love the color of, stencils hidden away in your attic, or glitter tucked away in a drawer, whip out those bad boys and use those resources! Waste not want not people!

To keep these plates looking their best, I recommend giving your paint plenty of drying time between coats, and really letting the final coat of clear gloss cure. If you touch the backs of your plates, and the paint has a tacky feel to it, leave them alone for a few more hours. Also washing them by hand is going to be your best bet if you want to keep the paint looking fresh.

Hopefully I’ve sparked a bit of inspiration for you to go out and make your own set of unique and budget-friendly dishes!


About Bethany W

Graphic Designer by day, self proclaimed decorator and creator of things by night!
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