#LikeAGirl: Women Reclaim and Reframe a Common Insult

Over the summer, Always launched a new commercial and campaign titled #LikeAGirl.

In the commercial, young women took historically negative insults such as “you run/ throw like a girl” and reclaimed them as phrases of empowerment. Although the commercial was geared toward feminine products, it was refreshing to see a company redefine how society and women view these phrases.

What I loved about this commercial is that it focused on empowering young women. Adolescence is a crucial time for young women and men.  Beliefs about the world and identity are formed during this time. Stereotypes of gender and their roles in society are also reinforced to both girls and boys at this age.

Many young women struggle with self-esteem issues and are preoccupied with how they are perceived by others. Growing up, I can remember both boys and girls teasing someone who ran or threw “like a girl”.  Being described as a girl meant that you were weak, inferior and different.

Although women continue to change society’s perception of gender roles, there is still work to be done. In order to really empower young women and help them build self-confidence, we have to focus on the language we use to describe women.

If we want young girls to become strong, confident women, we must lead by example. Let’s show the world all the amazing things that women both young and old do on a daily basis. Being a woman doesn’t make us any less strong, intelligent, powerful or capable of success.

Join the campaign by including #LikeAGirl on videos and pictures that show all the incredible things that are done “like a girl”.

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