Bring Out Your Sexy in Just 15 Minutes a Day

As women, what makes us feel sexy?

Is it when we get all dressed up? Is it when we find a great pair of jeans or heels? Or is it when someone we love tells us we’re beautiful or sexy?

Most women expend most of their energy and time on others around them. We wear many hats and take on competing roles, such as wife, girlfriend, partner, lover, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, grandma, friend, and more.  With so many roles to play, who has time for sexiness?

The answer is: every woman!

The sexiest things a woman can have are her own confidence and happiness. It’s well known that most people, including spouses and singles who are dating, find women with confidence very sexy and attractive.

Which means confidence is a great quality to have, but what happens to us when we don’t feel sexy, or maybe feel we have lost our sexiness? We must find it and or get it back!

Taking time to do things for ourselves is one key to being sexy and happy. I know it’s hard to make time, especially for yourself, when you have a busy schedule and demanding things in your life.

Where do you fall on your own to do list?So think about it this way: Schedule in some “YOU TIME” on your calendar or weekly to-do list. Even if it is just 15 minutes out of your whole week, it’s worth it to do something you want to do for yourself, not someone else.

  • Sit in silence, prayer, or meditation
  • Read
  • Exercise
  • Paint your nails
  • Get a massage
  • Go shopping
  • Get in some girlfriend time

That’s just naming a few. And those are little things you can easily squeeze into your schedule, no matter how busy.

When we physically and mentally schedule this personal time within our schedule it gives a sense of self worth, independence, control, and accomplishment – in other words, confidence!

One of my favorite “Me Time” activities is pole fitness. When I learn a new challenging trick, it gives me just the right boost of endorphins, and I feel encouraged and empowered! Not to mention the great workout I get from it as well. I love when I can put on some heels, turn the music up all the way and let myself go with the music. This always makes me feel sexy, strong, and relaxed.

kendra on the pole

Here I am learning Jade!

Taking time for your self will definitely bring the sexy out, or bring it back! Remember that sexy isn’t just for behind closed doors. Bring your sexy out for all to see, and let your confidence and radiance shine through!

Kendra Smiley is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and a single mother of 3 daughters. Since the age of 20, she has always been in some field that has empowered women: managing a big chain lingerie store, becoming a licensed cosmetologist, personal consulting for a direct sales company in relationship enhancement products, presentations on intimacy and sexuality at local colleges and cancer support communities, to now becoming a fitness instructor helping women get Strong and Sexy! Check out her website to help spice up your love life. Got a question for Kendra? Write to

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