Vrksasana, Tree Pose (balance)

day 4



Day 4 of #HolidayHarmonyYoga is Vrksasana, Tree Pose (balance). This is a fun balance that can be modified for all levels and has quite a few options. Start standing upright in Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Pick a leg to balance on and shift your weight slowly and mindfully to that leg. Place the foot of the other leg somewhere on your leg where ever it feels comfortable, but never on your knee joint. Lower placement of the foot on the ankle or calf being easier and upper placement on the thigh being more difficult. Once your foot is secure you can bring your hands together at heart center or “grow your tree” by bring your arms up overhead in a straight v-shape. Pick a still object for your drishti (gaze) out in front you to help with balance. Don’t forget to do both sides! Want a more challenging variation? Place your foot to your hip pocket and if you still feel balanced bring the same arm as the bent leg around your back and bind with your foot.

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