Strong is My Sexy: “The Only Person I Have to Look Good for is ME.”

Terri’s Story

When I was younger, it was easy to get exercise and maintain my weight. I played soccer in high school and college and was “forced” to get to the gym; often we did two-a-day and three-a-day practices. If I wanted to lose weight, I would reduce my calories significantly and see results quickly.

Strong is My Sexy - Terri Cooper family photoEven after my kids were born, I found it pretty easy to lose weight. I remember a photo of me after my second child. I noticed my arms were much bigger than I was used to, so I started going to gym more regularly. I started walking every morning before everyone else was out of bed. It got boring, so I started running. Soon, I was running a 5K every other day.

When I was 27, I weighed 117 pounds…after 2 children.

Now I weigh about 150 pounds!

I don’t feel a lot different. I fit into the suit that I bought right after completing my MBA in 2004, but I definitely weigh more, and I am having a difficult time losing the extra weight, even trying the same diets from when I was younger.

So what’s the difference?

  • Well, I’m not playing soccer any more. In the fall I tried to play and loved it, but pulled my Achilles tendon about 15 minutes into the game and haven’t been able to put much pressure on my ankle since.
  • I think each winter I gain weight and then I am not able to get the weight off the next year. I work out all winter, but still don’t “lose” weight, so my best guess is that my body is getting ready for cold and therefore keeps more weight on; then, in the spring even if I lose 10 pounds, I probably gained 20!
  • I’m 38 years old. I have two teenage sons  and have to be in the car a lot taking them where they need to go. Sometimes I don’t choose the most nutritional options due to being on the go, although I make an effort to eat fruits and vegetable and stay away from fried foods and heavy carbohydrates.
  • I’m not in a relationship, so sometimes I think I don’t have anyone to “look good for.”
  • I’m working at my desk more and more. If I could go back, I would chose some different kind of work because marketing is just about the least “calorie-burning” activity on the planet.
  • Marketing has also not been the best living for me. I was laid off from two jobs, leaving me without money for extras like gym memberships and even without insurance, which limited my soccer playing and other activities that could land me in the hospital with a huge bill.

Sometimes, I got so frustrated with the gym when I just didn’t SEE or FEEL any results. Sometimes, I wanted to give up because I think it’s not really going to make a difference.

But a couple weeks ago, while I was at the gym, I heard a little voice say, “Strong is our sexy.” 

Strong is My Sexy - Terri Cooper and FamilyAt that moment, I realized why I had to keep making time: my muscle isn’t going to work itself and even though I am getting older, and I can’t control my weight like I used to or want to. If I don’t go to the gym and work my muscles, they will totally deplete, and I won’t reap the benefits of taking time to take care of my body.

So no matter what, I know going to the gym and challenging myself to get to my next level is what I need to do. I am excited about knowing this!

The only person I have to look good for is me. I can be confident knowing I make time to keep myself strong!

I am so excited that Strong is my Sexy! 

Article contributed by Terri Cooper.

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