Kick Back and Relax with an Intimate Massage

The power of touch is a wonderful thing, regardless if it is your own touch you feel or the touch from another.

Your skin is the biggest external organ and has many uses and benefits. There are many erogenous zones and relaxations points on the body that can be very useful for relieving stress and helping initiating intimate play, with or without a partner.

If we took away all your senses except the scenes of touch, imagine what it would be like. Without being able to see, hear, smell, or taste, you would need to know what makes you feel good, relaxed, relieved, happy, sad, loved, and other feelings, just through the sense of touch.When babies are born, it’s common to place them onto the chest of the mother for touch and bonding. The energy that is transferred when touch happens is essential for healing and relaxation.

Where to Start

intimate massageIn life, we do many things to help cope with stress. Some may exercise, eat, drink, talk, or even meditate. Intimate massage can be a very powerful means of touch to help release sexual tension and stress as well.

Massage is a great way to find out not only more about your own body, but about a partner’s as well. Regardless of whether it is a self massage, a massage received or given to a partner, or a professional therapeutic massage, once you are in tune with your own body, you will then realize how powerful the human touch can be.

Touch and massage in places like the big muscles in your back, quads, and calves can be very therapeutic, while massage in the nape of the neck, the ear lobe, and inner thighs can be erotic. Massage on the hands, feet, and shoulders can be relaxing.

Touch can be different for everyone. What may feel a certain way can tickle or hurt to another, so when finding out what feels good on a partner, watching their body language is important. (And if you’re still confused or uncertain, there’s no harm in asking if they want more, less, or something different.)

Intimate Massage Extras

There is nothing wrong with adding some spice to the sensation of touch!

Something as simple as moisturizing after your daily showers can be a relaxing and rewarding thing when done consistently. This is especially true if you are a mother and every minute by yourself counts — spoiling yourself with a nice moisturizer can make a difference. Get something that is appropriate for your skin type and that feels moisturizing and glides onto the skin for a soft, silky and supple feel.

Foam rollers, electronic back massagers, and massaging chairs are also a great way to spoil yourself with massage.

A nice smooth massage oil or warming oil will help make any massage more intimate and relaxing, especially with a partner. This is also a great form of foreplay, if that’s what’s lacking. Wink. Wink.

If erotic massage is what you’re interested in, make sure you are using proper oils and creams that are genital friendly and will not cause irritation, or interfere with latex condoms if you’re using those.

Manual massage and help from electronic bedroom accessories are both good ways to spice up an intimate massage experience. Get creative with how and where you use them! (Safety first, of course.)

Feeling sexy is a full-body experience that engages all the senses. Turn up the volume on touch and reap the benefits!

Kendra Smiley is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and a single mother of 3 daughters. Since the age of 20, she has always been in some field that has empowered women: managing a big chain lingerie store, becoming a licensed cosmetologist, personal consulting for a direct sales company in relationship enhancement products, presentations on intimacy and sexuality at local colleges and cancer support communities, to now becoming a fitness instructor helping women get Strong and Sexy! Check out her website to help spice up your love life. Got a question for Kendra? Write to

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