15 Stylish Home Organization Options for 2015

15 stylish home organization options for 2015

Happy 2015, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the thought of a brand-spanking-new year just bursting with the promise of new possibilities. If there is something that drove you nuts or wish you could’ve done differently last year, NOW is the time to make that change!

For me, one of my 2015 goals is to finally get those last few rooms in our home figured out. Since we moved in (a few summers ago), we still have a Guest Bedroom and Office that serve more as a “catch all” space than their intended purpose. So, once the holiday decorations get cleaned up, I’m going to strap on my big girl pants and FINALLY tackle all of those boxes and piles of craziness that still need a proper home.

While planning my strategy for Operation: Organize All the Things!!! I started daydreaming about the beautiful bins, baskets, files, and folders I’ll need to complete my project. That eventually lead me to a 2 hour interweb plunge, and I can’t believe all of the beautiful products I found!

So here, for your complete categorizing pleasure, are 15 stylish home organization options for you to kick off 2015 with!

Click the image to enlarge, and the titles of each item to see them for sale online.

stylish home organization products

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1. Box with Lid

IKEA is usually my go-to place for affordable home organization solutions. These grey boxes look classic, and the label on the front is an added bonus. Perfect for anything and anywhere in your home.

2. Harvest Basket

I have an obsession with wire baskets. Their rustic look compliments a variety of decor, and again, these babies can practically go anywhere for that extra bit of storage.

3. Seagrass Fabric Cube 

This basket comes in a set of two, and is now the cause of my obsession with that orange ombre-ish cross weave pattern happening.

4. Walnut Wood Hangers

If your closet is an unorganized mess, one thing you can do to make it look a bit more cohesive is to hang everything with the same type of hanger. Having a universal color or material will help tremendously, and give you the same look as if your clothes were still hanging in the store.

5. Utility Cart

If it were socially acceptable to have a relationship with a piece of furniture, I may choose this cart. So unbelievably versatile, and don’t even get me started on that beautiful teal color. It could organize kitchen gadgets, sit in your closet, hold toiletries in the bathroom, be used as a bedside table, ANYTHING!

6. Pippi Drawer Organizers

These drawer organizers come in two sizes so you can be sure to get a custom fit for your drawer. Great for keeping socks and bras separated, or use them in a desk to keep tape, paper clips, and other random items in check.

7. File Cabinets

Speaking of desk storage, nothing beats a top-notch filing cabinet. I think this one in particular is really sharp, and it also comes in a handful of different colors!

8. Hanging Folders

No filing cabinet is complete until it has coordinating folders.

9. Folders

And no hanging folder is complete without more folders!!! This is very “If you give a mouse a cookie…” isn’t it?

10. All Out Of Pad

This Knock Knock grocery list is just as useful as it is comical. I love all of the products on Knock Knock; they just make me giggle. But all joking aside, who hasn’t wandered aimlessly around the grocery store because they just don’t quite know what they need? Simply hang this pad on your fridge (it’s magnetic) and check off what it is you’re all out of. Done!

11. Nickel Caddy

This has to be the sexiest magazine/book/files/whatever organizer I’ve ever seen. The price is a bit steep, but I wouldn’t be ashamed one teensy little bit of this sitting in my living room, holding the gazillion HGTV magazines I’ve accumulated.

12. Purple Starter Set

Poppin has to make the happiest office supplies on the face of the planet. Seriously, their neon line is to die for. Why, yes, I DO need a bright yellow tape dispenser, stapler, letter tray, pencil holder, mouse pad, ruler, scissors, calculator, and 3 hole punch!

13. Bow Push Pins

Just when you thought things couldn’t get ANY cuter! Behold Kate Spade’s absolutely darling bow push pins. Please refrain from sticking these into your head to wear as actual bows. Ouch.

14. Bottle Wine Rack

After the holidays, my husband and I seem to end up with a lot of wine. Either we’ve bought bottles for parties or been gifted them. Bottom line, they look a million times better displayed on these sleek wine racks than they do stored in the basement.

15. 2015 Calendar

Nothing defines the start of a new year quite like a brand new calendar. This one in particular is absolutely stunning, with each month displaying a hand-painted illustration . Once the year is complete, cut them out and create a travel themed gallery wall!


Now that you have the tools, it’s time to get to work!

Good luck with all of your organizing goals, and if you still don’t get around to straightening up the mess that’s been mocking you for ages, well, there’s always next year!


The above products and links are in no way associated with the brand Strong is Our Sexy, nor was I paid to promote them. All opinions are 100% my own.

Bethany is a graphic designer by day, self proclaimed decorator/maker of things by night! Though originally from a small farming town, she found herself in the big city of Cincinnati, OH after graduating from Ball State University with a BFA in Visual Communications. When she’s not working on design, you can find her dance-cooking in the kitchen, singing at the top of her lungs, exploring the closest thrift store, getting her fitness on, or fixing up her house alongside her hubby. Be sure to check out her little corner of the interweb, A Soliloquy by Bethany. Got a question for Bethany? Write to writers@strongisoursexy.com.


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Graphic Designer by day, self proclaimed decorator and creator of things by night!
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