Time to Get Those Instagram Pics Off Your Phone and Into Your Home


Picture this.

You’re scrolling through your Instagram account, admiring the skill at which you applied the VALENCIA filter just-so to really flatter your new highlights, when it hits you:

“Why must I be limited to viewing these photos solely on my phone or computer? Some of these snapshots are downright frame-worthy — scratch that, GALLERY-worthy!”

So let’s make it happen, people. It’s time to get those perfectly square portraits off your phone and into your home!

Taking pictures and posting them to social media sites like Instagram is how we experience our world today. Some of my favorite photos of family and friends are casual ones I’ve snapped on my phone while at a party or out to eat. And while searching through pages and pages of history to find that one picture you know you took three months ago has its appeal….I’d much prefer to keep my beloved pictures where I can enjoy them every day with ease.

Enter Shutterfly.

I’ve been using Shutterfly for years, and have always been extremely impressed with the quality of product, and how quickly I’ve received my order. This post isn’t here to boost sales for Shutterfly; I didn’t receive any money from them, and all opinions are 100% my own. But in the spirit of sharing among friends, when I find a top-notch service, I like to spread the word!

One of the things Shutterfly is known best for is their photo books. I’ve probably printed a dozen books through them, and have never been disappointed. They offer pre-made layouts you can simply drop photos into, but also the option to really customize the page if you’re a control freak like I am. Photo books are perfect for Instagram pictures, and also a nice way to mix the photos off your phone seamlessly with the photos off your camera.

An example from my own life: last December, I took part in a yoga challenge where I had to pose and post a picture to Instagram every day (check out the tag #HolidayHarmonyYoga if you’re interested). I really wanted to keep those images to track my progress, but not necessarily on my phone where they took up valuable memory space. I dedicated a whole section to that challenge in our family yearbook, so whenever I want to look back at those images, I can simply turn a page!


Another reason Shutterfly is great for bringing your Instagram pictures to life, is that they offer SQUARE prints! Through their mobile app, you can get a direct link to your Instagram account which makes choosing photos a breeze. You can select between a 4-inch or 8-inch size, and the 4’’x4’’ begins at only $0.25 a print!

So you’ve printed off your most eye-catching shots…now what?

This little craft is a great way to display pictures, but also allows you to interchange them whenever you feel like mixing things up a little. Using scrap board leftover from a sign I made, I spray painted it purple, hot glued gold-sparkly clothespins from Target to it, and chose a handful of 4×4 photos to exhibit. You could use any size board or color of paint to customize this project to your own style.


If you’re looking for a statement that packs more of a punch, IKEA RIBBA Frames are perfect for square images. Back in our apartment, my husband and I hung a gallery wall above our bed using six RIBBA frames, grey scrapbook paper, and Instagram pictures.


In our new house, I’ve swapped out the old pictures for prints that are up-to-date, as well as bigger in size, and I’m still SO in love with them.


 The last Shutterfly product on my Insta-friendly list is the Photo Gallery Set of 4 2×2 Magnets. These little guys are adorable, and if you receive emails from Shutterfly they sometimes offer them as a free gift – you just have to pay for shipping.


Alrighty then, my fellow strong and sexy Insta-lovers, you officially have NO excuse not to enjoy your flawlessly filtered pictures to the fullest!

Try saying that 10 times…

Bethany is a graphic designer by day, self proclaimed decorator/maker of things by night! Though originally from a small farming town, she found herself in the big city of Cincinnati, OH after graduating from Ball State University with a BFA in Visual Communications. When she’s not working on design, you can find her dance-cooking in the kitchen, singing at the top of her lungs, exploring the closest thrift store, getting her fitness on, or fixing up her house alongside her hubby. Be sure to check out her little corner of the interweb, A Soliloquy by Bethany. Got a question for Bethany? Write to writers@strongisoursexy.com.



About Bethany W

Graphic Designer by day, self proclaimed decorator and creator of things by night!
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