Meet the Strong is Our Sexy Writers: Lisa

Get to know the babes behind the blog! Today, we introduce you to Lisa, who writes for our Motherhood & Family column about what she’s learned (and is learning) as the new mom of a bouncing baby girl. Learn more about Lisa…

A Little About Lisa

Name: Lisa Curry

Age: 30

Occupation: Mainly a Stay at Home Mom, and also an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails

Family: Married with one daughter. I have my parents in Cincy, and an older brother in Seattle, and my in-laws – mother, father, sister & her husband and their two children — all in Richmond, KY

Favorite exercise & fitness activities:

drop zonePole Dance Fitness, yoga, Aerial Silks, Hula Hoop, group fitness and dance, and just about anything outdoors when the weather is nice.

Favorite foods & cuisines:

I really love breakfast foods (eggs, bacon, pancakes, bagels, hash browns, biscuits, etc) and could eat them at any time of day. I also love a good Pad Thai, but not too spicy!

Favorite outfits to bring out your Sexy:

Day to day – anything with my skinny jeans. Special occasion – a very feminine, sometimes vintage inspired cocktail length dress.

What are you passionate about?

My number one passion is being a good mom and example for my daughter. I want to take care of her and raise her the best that I can, all while showing her how fit and strong (in many ways) a woman and mother can be.

My second passion is animal rescue. I’ve been volunteering with a couple different cat shelters for about 6 years, in various roles. I currently spend some of my free time screening adopters, and creating/editing flyers and newsletters for Ohio Alleycat Resource.

What do you do to relax?

I love watching movies with my husband, or working on a crochet project. I also try to get 20 minutes of yoga in a few times a week to clear my head and stretch my body.  On nice days, I try to take in as much fresh air as I can, and will take a long walk (usually with my daughter and dog), or just having coffee or tea on my screened in porch.


What does the “Strong is Our Sexy” philosophy mean to you?

To me, sexy = confidence. And I get my confidence from being strong. Once I became physically strong, and had found a community of other strong women, I felt more mentally strong, and became more confident in myself – who I am and what I am capable of.


Catch up with Lisa’s motherhood articles here. Title photo credit: Audrey Gose Photography

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