Meet the Strong is Our Sexy Writers: Jackie

Get to know the babes behind the blog! Today, we introduce you to Jackie, our West Coast correspondent who has written for us about her decision to not have kids, lessons learned on the road to California, and why she loves Mindy Kaling

Just Jackie


Name: Jacqueline (Jackie) Penn

Age: 32

Occupation: recently changed careers from teaching to working in television production (Read Jackie’s articles Starting Over in a New Career and Behind the Scenes on a Television Set)

Family: Married, mom to three pits: Chancho, Osa and Luna (Read about how Jackie came to adopt her pups.)

jackie penn does pole fitnessFavorite exercise & fitness activities

My favorite exercise and activity is pole dance fitness. It has changed the way I view my body, given me a newfound confidence and allowed me to meet great people. I also love Zumba, and I just became a certified instructor. Some of my other favorite activities include Body Pump, hiking, yoga and acroyoga.

Favorite foods & cuisines

I love to eat! My husband is a fantastic cook, so my favorite place to eat is at home 🙂 . I also love trying new food and dishes (Read Jackie’s roundup of her favorite dishes from Spain). I have a weakness for chocolate and red velvet cupcakes or doughnuts.

Favorite outfits to bring out your Sexy

I would describe my style as cute but comfortable. If I had my way I would wear dresses or skirts all the time. I love wearing bright colors, especially pink. Now that I wear my hair in its natural state, my favorite hair accessories are flowers.

What are you passionate about?

Me and my husband on an adventure!

Me and my husband on an adventure!

I’m passionate about traveling and exploring the world. I love learning about the culture and history of the places that I visit. Traveling gives me the opportunity to experience different views, ideas and traditions.

I’m also passionate about writing and developing more realistic portrayals of women on television. It is my mission to create stories that reflect the lives of every day women. I want young women to see more positive representations of women that they can actually relate to. (Read 5 Favorite Female Characters Worth Watching on TV and 6 TV Moms We Love)

What do you do to relax?

My idea of relaxing is taking a pole or Zumba class. I also love reading, so curling up with a good book would be at the top of my list.

What does the “Strong is Our Sexy” philosophy mean to you?

I struggled with my body image for a long time. I would compare myself to other women and beat myself up for not looking a certain way. With time I realized that I this wasn’t the way I wanted to live.

One of the reasons I started my natural hair journey was to learn to accept myself. For years, I wore my hair a certain way because I wanted to fit society’s standard of beauty. But, embracing my natural hair has helped me love myself.

For me, “Strong is Our Sexy” is about loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. I no longer let other people dictate how I should feel about my own body. It also means being good to yourself by living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Read more of Jackie’s contributions to our blog and check out her own website, Adventures of a Nappy Chica

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