Becoming Wonder Woman, One Pull-Up At a Time

As a bold hero, Wonder Woman demonstrates zero hesitation in doing whatever is necessary to save others or lend a hand. She’s committed to her inner warrior, fighting each day the negativity that attacks from all directions. As an icon, she speaks for all women. Her cultural impact has increased over the years, serving as a continuing symbol of female empowerment.

wonder woman

Fact: Posing like a super hero makes you feel like one. It’s science.

Each woman can find and nurture her inner Wonder Woman.  Society pressures us to be a certain kind of superhero – have it all, do it all, perfect mom, perfect career, “Lean In” – but becoming your own Wonder Woman is a personal journey, and it doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s.

A year ago, I never would have walked into the hotel fitness center while on vacation.  A year ago, I never would have shown my midriff while working out.  A year ago, I never would have imagined how strength training and the challenge to compete could change my life. A year ago, I viewed my body completely different.  A year ago, my confidence was a 4 on a scale of 10.

Time warp to a year later, and so much has changed…

Fitness, for me, is a way of life now. It’s no different than sleeping, showering, brushing my teeth or fueling my body with food. I’m not extreme with it, and certainly don’t obsess about missing a workout, but instead enjoy the balance it has provided.  And with that stability, confidence has emerged, along with the permission from within to love my body in ways I never thought possible.

I’m no longer intimidated by the box gyms or the “lunks” inside them.  My body and mind used to freeze like an icicle walking into the commercialized facilities, only to melt and accomplish next to nothing.  I was so demoralized by the awkwardness exuding from those lunks, almost as if I was a stray cat.

But this lady, the lady I am today, “owns her strong.” I am now asked by those very same individuals how I can help them.  Funky print capris, mesh leggings, empowerment tank tops all adorn my body instead of black yoga pants and tees. Embracing boldness is part of the new mantra. I no longer need to hide in darkness.

But that change hasn’t happened overnight.

Acceptance is a constant work in progress. Starting somewhere beats starting nowhere, and my beginning was with a simple pull-up. I was asked by my trainer to do one at our first strength session, and I pleasantly surprised not only myself, but him as well.

One pull-up led to another which led to dozens of weighted ones, then hundreds of pronated pull-ups, followed by supersets of wide grip ones, until reaching a level beyond what I ever thought was possible.

And what did that do for my psyche?  Well, I slowly began to think I was Wonder Woman – confident, brave and powerful.

Today I wear my Wonder Woman armor proudly – even if I am not clothed in red, yellow and blue.  Instead, strength and self-assurance, and conviction provide my protection as I campaign for women across the world to embrace the beauty that lies within and own their strong!

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2 Responses to Becoming Wonder Woman, One Pull-Up At a Time

  1. Missy Williamson says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words. This month, May 23rd, I will be turning 40 and I am doing the pull-up challenge. I can’t do a pull up to save my life and in fact the first 2 videos I was embarrassed to tag to everyone so I just sent them to Becca for advice. I have been trying to get back into shape for about 3 years now and I keep having set backs, injuries, work and just life in general. I have a goal that at 45 I would love to complete in pole dancing, just to say that I did it. I don’t care if I win or not, I just want to say I did it. I hope this pull-up challenge will give me the confidence to not give up on myself and to continue on my goal. I hope that one day I can be writing telling everyone how much that I have accomplished and that I didn’t give up on myself. Thank you for writing this article to help me stick this out. I hope that maybe on the 23rd I can do one pull-up…that would be a great birthday present to myself. Missy


    • Beth says:


      You are very welcome. And do not give up on yourself!

      I love this pull-up challenge for so many reasons but mainly because it resonates with my heart and what I have experienced. Set a goal for anything and you can achieve it – but only with consistency. And never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to show your progress. Only then will you slowly begin to peel away the layers of fear and confidence will show in its place.

      It has taken me what feels like forever to get to the point I am at but honestly about four solid years of work on myself. Love yourself enough to take chances on the things you want. You will be so amazed at the difference you will see in yourself and what you will then be able to do for others.

      I cannot wait to see you do a pull-up on or around May 23rd. Have faith!

      Love and hugs,



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