Reflect on Your Journey One Sentence at a Time This June

As summer kicks off, our thoughts drift to vacation, trips we’ve taken, trips we have yet to take, the road behind us and the road ahead.

So for the month of June, the Strong is Our Sexy blog will be featuring stories of Journeys. We’ll explore the journeys we’ve taken literally and figuratively – everything that has led us up to where we are now, and everything we hope lies ahead on our path.

By “we,” we don’t just mean us bloggers: We want to hear from our Strong & Sexy readers, too! You’ll get several opportunities to share your journey:

June Journaling Challenge: One Sentence a Day

We’ll provide a daily prompt, and you answer it in one sentence. That’s right, just one sentence. Anyone can do that, so we don’t want to hear ‘But I’m not a good writer!’ or ‘But I don’t have time!’ ONE. SENTENCE.

Look for the daily prompts on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #SIOSJuneJournal. You can respond to the prompt publicly by commenting on our posts and/or re-sharing the prompt image with your answer – just make sure to tag us, pretty please – or you can use the prompts to write in your own private space. We’ll post a roundup of each week’s prompts here on the blog, too. Some are silly and fun, others are meant to take you deeper.

All we ask is the one sentence, but don’t let us stop you there! If the prompt speaks to you, go wherever it takes you.

Strong is My Sexy stories

We’re always encouraging our audience to #ownyourstrong, but we want to hear YOU say it. Why is Strong your Sexy? What does that slogan mean to you personally? How does that belief show up in your life? How have you grown into your strong self, mentally and physically? Now’s your chance to make your statement.

Record a short video, about 2 minutes or less, telling us your Strong & Sexy story and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. OR submit an essay to writers @ strongisoursexy .com [minus the spaces – we’re just avoiding spambots that way] to be featured here on the blog.

What else do we have in store?

  • Stories from women about their journeys through fitness, career changes, and more
  • A brand new column on mental health and wellness!
  • More guest bloggers from Man Who Poles and Elemental Om

But shhh, we don’t want to give away all our secret sauce up front. You’ll have to stick around for the good stuff, so if you really don’t want to miss anything (trust us, you don’t), you can get in on our monthly email newsletter:


So join us this June in celebrating and sharing our journeys, won’t you?

Bon Voyage,

–The Strong is Our Sexy Team

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