A Survival Guide to Taking Your Little One to Summer Festivals

Summer is here! Time to get out to all those great summer festivals! If you’ve got a little one, like I do, you may have to pack a few extra things.

For some events, your best option may be a babysitter. If you will be bringing your little one along, here are some tips that may help you have the best possible time for you and baby!


Try to make sure that your child is well rested, and is not going to be needing a nap while you are at the festival. Recently, in order to attend a festival during her usual second nap (3pm-5), I kept my daughter awake through the morning and lunch, so that she could sleep 12pm-2 and we could attend the festival from 3pm-5. It ended up working beautifully!


If at all possible, don’t go by yourself! Your spouse, parents, in-laws, and friends – they can all help entertain and care for your child, and help you and baby have more fun!

Summer festivals are  something the whole family can enjoy - Grandpa & Grandma too!

Summer festivals are something the whole family can enjoy – Grandpa & Grandma too!


Apply sunscreen to your child either right before you leave the house, or right when you arrive. Bring it with you if you plan to be out a while, so that you can reapply as needed. Bring water in a sippy cup or bottle for baby (over 6 months), and be able to refill it, either from your own bottle or water provided at the festival.  If you have a stroller with a sun shade, use it! If your child will wear a hat (unlike mine), that is very helpful as well.


If you are bringing a stroller, use it to carry everything so you don’t have to! Stroller clips and cup holders are fantastic technologies. Some diaper bags even have straps that will attach to most stroller handles. You can also stash extra items or purchases underneath a stroller. One extra item I usually keep under my stroller is a baby sling, in case she wants me to hold her, but I don’t want to have to hold her entire weight with my arms.

Cup catchers and similar products can keep your child’s water in reach, and off the ground. Toys can be attached to stroller handles as well; I use chain links. Just in case your child is able to unlink the chains, make sure the toys you bring are washable.

baby in a strollerSTOCK UP ON SNACKS

For those old enough for some solid foods, make sure to pack a variety of snacks that do not require refrigeration. I say variety, because you never know what a toddler is going to love or reject on a given day. Options are necessary! Some of my daughter’s favorites include: pretzels, fish crackers, veggie chips, oyster crackers, fruit snacks, and yogurt melts.


Let baby out of the stroller or body carrier so that she gets a break from being restrained. If baby is in a body carrier, this is important so that you both can cool off a little. What you do during the break depends on the location of the festival: play in the grass, dance to live music, swing or play on a playground.

Have fun!

Moms: What are your best tips for taking kids to a summer festival? Share below in the comments!

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