Kill Them With Success: Speaking My Business into Existence

This guest post comes to us from Tonnisha J. English, a 23-year-old woman who is #owningherstrong by building the business of her dreams. Here, she shares with us the key factors and attitudes it’s taken to get her where she is now. We wish Tonnisha luck as she pursues her dreams!

In order to reach your dreams, you need to have 3 things: 

  1. Hard work
  2. Determination
  3. Tough skin.

Tonnisha, left, and her intern

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and the road has not been a cakewalk by any means. I am still learning myself and constantly rewriting my mission. You would assume that having a great work ethic is easy for an entrepreneur because we want our dreams to transpire immediately. If you think this, you are so wrong!

In my case, I have a full time job and am a recent college graduate. I am still adjusting to the life of a grown-up, and after a 40+ hour work week I would rather spend my weekends sleeping and watching Netflix.

Unfortunately, in order to get where I need to be, I have to make sacrifices. I would be lying if I told you that I spend every weekend working and writing; however, I understand when it is time to buckle down and get to business.

Determination is what all entrepreneurs have, but the hard work definitely fuels it.

When I created TJE Communications, I really wanted to create a public relations firm that was different than everyone else. I wanted to break the mold and create a new wave, and that is exactly what I work daily to do.

Being innovative sounds cool and all, but if you are not focused and determined to bring your ideas to life, they won’t get the shine they deserve.

Tough skin is the biggest challenge for me thus far. It is easy to say, “Hey, I’m going to start my own business!” But it is harder to actually generate business – especially when you’re a 23 year old recent college graduate with non-traditional ideas about public relations.

When I decided to create my documentary, “Her, She, & Me” someone told me that I needed more experience before I could call myself a filmmaker or producer. My response? Create my documentary anyway and when it is complete, get it in as many hands as possible and shut up the naysayers.

My key to success whether big or small: Speak everything you want to happen into existence.

If you want to start your own business, create your own film, or become next President of the United States of America, then say it out loud! Shout it from the mountaintops!

You have to speak your dreams into existence with passion in order for them to transpire. Once you have it made up in your mind that you’ve lost, then you will lose. Never let naysayers and negative energy deter you from your dreams.

Say it out loud: Stay Focused. Stay Dedicated. Kill them with success.  

You can find TJE Communications & Tonnisha English here:
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