My #BestMistake: Falling Into a Career (Guest Post)

This is reposted with permission from the author, Kelly Redclay, with emphasis added by Strong is Our Sexy. The original article can be found on LinkedIn

On the day of my #BestMistake, I was rushing around the house, trying to get my myself and my young children out the door, one off to the bus for Kindergarten and another to her preschool 10 miles away. I tripped and fell, and ended up with a very badly twisted ankle, sending the morning routine and my life in a very different direction than it had been headed. It was the most fortuitous and best mistake I ever made, and resulted in me getting my dream job in an industry I had never even considered, television production.

The kids made it to the bus that day, but only because my husband swooped in and got them where they needed to be (and dropped me off at the emergency room, where they wrapped me up and put me on crutches.) When my preschooler came home that day, in a twist of fate, she had a flyer, stating that a TV producer was looking for a family to participate in a Good Morning America piece, to be entitled “Morning Madness Makeover.”

video-camera-273750_1280After the morning we had just been through, I was motivated for change, at that moment it felt to me that all of our mornings were hectic and disorganized, and as a stay-at-home mom, I saw that as a fail. So, I signed us up, without giving it a tremendous amount of thought. (That we would be on National TV…. because we were that disorganized.)

Within a day, the producer had called and made arrangements for us to have a few “hidden cameras” installed and a crew was scheduled to be there at 5:00 a.m. a few days later, to capture our “before” morning routine footage.

The energy of having cameras and lights and crew people around the house was palpable and incredibly exciting, and after a few hours we were all feeling very comfortable with them, and felt like the crew members were our new friends.

The next step was to meet with a professional organizer a few days later (she was Julie Morgenstern, who later became one of Oprah’s Go-To organizers). She gave us a list of tips and then the cameras would come back a few weeks later to gauge our progress.

With the tips put into play, our mornings really did get better, but even more exciting to me, a seed had been planted. I realized that I loved the energy of the television production process, the crew and the way they all worked together. I decided, then and there, to go to night school and learn about television and radio production.

This was a huge turning point for me, as a stay-at-home-mom of three young kids, and it was only accomplished with tremendous support from my amazing husband. Within a year, I was working part-time on the set of a television show in Queens and absolutely loving every minute of it! To this day, it was one of my all-time favorite jobs, and I still love going to live tapings whenever I can, just to get a little taste of that exciting energy.

realization-of-video-771413_640A few weeks later, when the TV piece featuring us was broadcast, we were curious about how we would come across, especially in a piece about disorganization. but I’m happy to report that my family was depicted as our sweet happy selves, and in the end, that trip and fall that lead to our TV debut was really the #BestMistake I ever made, and worth every achy moment. It got me to into a career that I loved and had never even imagined for myself, and led to many other television adventures as well… but that’s another story.


(After getting my certificate of studies from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I worked first as an intern, and then later I was hired as a part-time Production Assistant for the internationally syndicated television show Crossing Over with John Edward, which was then, sadly, cancelled in 2004. My love of television has also brought me to the set of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as a potential contestant, on the very night that John Carpenter became the first American to win a million dollars on a TV game show, and I also enjoyed getting ear acupuncture to reduce stress on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show in 2013.

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