Now Accepting ‘Strong is My Sexy’ Stories – Yes, That Means You!

Hi – Strong is Our Sexy editor-in-chief Marisa here. Running this blog is one of the true privileges of my life. I always knew I’d be working in media somehow, but never imagined I’d be in the driver’s seat of a women’s empowerment blog with nationwide (even global) reach. This platform gives us women an incredible opportunity to use our voices loudly and proudly to tell our stories and offer each other encouragement, inspiration, and support.

I’m lucky to work with a team of beautiful, badass women writers, under the direction and mentorship of our fabulous founder Beth Underhill. But it’s not just our voices that matter. We want to hear from YOU, our Strong & Sexy sisters. 

Introducing Strong is MY Sexy

We want to know how you #ownyourstrong. You’re invited to tell the world, in your own words, what “Strong is Our Sexy” means to you as a life motto and philosophy. We want to celebrate your journey, with all the peaks and setbacks along the way, and use it to inspire others just like you – and maybe even those who are nothing like you at all.

WHY is Strong your Sexy? Have you been through a significant transformation? Faced an obstacle or setback you never thought you’d overcome? Changed the way you thought about yourself? Escaped a bad situation or broke free from something that was holding you back? Blossomed, grown, created, thrived?

Beth kicks us off with her own journey in the short video below. Use it as inspiration to create your own “Strong is My Sexy” video of two minutes or less to share with us. (If you’re camera-shy, you can also write an essay of 1-2 pages.) We’ll then share that with our sisterhood to continue building this web of mutual support and love.

We’re handing you the mic. Now drop it like it’s hot. 

For more information, guidelines, and FAQs, see our Submit page.

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