How to Be an Adult 101

When you’re a teenager, the thought of being an adult and making your own decisions seems like the best thing in the world. At that age being an adult seems so simple and easy. While being an adult has a lot of advantages, it definitely has its challenges. I know for me personally, there were some challenges that I never expected.

Spending Your Money, Your Way

Remember when your parents gave you an allowance once or twice a week? You could buy whatever you wanted — that is, until you ran out, and then you had to wait for your next allowance, or maybe a birthday or graduation.  But then you got your first job and you didn’t have to depend on an allowance. Now you could buy those new jeans or shoes for yourself.

Spending money as an adult is different than spending money as a teenager. There are other things you have to pay for, like rent, utilities, car insurance, groceries, student loans, and your cell phone, just to name a few. Suddenly, staying on top of your bills becomes more important than buying those fabulous new shoes or outfit.


That doesn’t mean we adults can’t treat ourselves to the things we want. It just means we actually have to be smart about money, and that is much harder than it seemed when we were younger. Running out of money in the Real World has very Real consequences.

Cooking for Yourself

When I first moved out of the dorms (and away from meal plans) and into my first apartment, I had no idea how I would survive. I would come up with weird concoctions to eat because: 1) I didn’t have much money and 2) I didn’t know how to cook. There were many, many trips to Wendy’s during my undergraduate career. I was there so often, the employees knew me by name. I also had the good fortune of working at a restaurant during college and took full advantage of the employee discount on food.


With time I learned to make a few dishes and I started making healthier choices. I wouldn’t classify myself as a cook or expert in the kitchen but I’ve come a long way since my college days. Thank goodness my husband cooks, otherwise I don’t know how I would survive!


This was probably one of the biggest shocks for me when I became an adult. Sure, there are plenty of places to meet people, but knowing where to meet dateable people can be challenging. Not to mention that there are so many unwritten rules in dating.  No one tells you these rules, but they most certainly exist, and you’re expected to know them. With time and lots of trial and error, you can become successful in the dating world. But you’re bound to suffer a few blows to your ego along the way.


Being an adult is fun, but also scary, and awkward, and hard. Most of the perceptions we had of adults as children aren’t part of reality. Often times you have to make tough decisions even when you don’t want.  But to put a nicer spin on it, there is something new to learn every day, and that helps you become a better person.

Do you have a funny “Oh crap, I’m an adult now” moment? Share below! 

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