10 Fab Gift Ideas for That Strong & Sexy Gal in Your Life

It’s time to jingle-bell rock, my Strong and Sexy readers! And you know the team at SIOS wouldn’t DREAM of letting you go out into the big scary shopping world without a killer present plan. 🙂

The list we made last year still applies, but if you’re still searching, here are 10 MORE Strong and Sexy Gift Ideas to add to your list to Santa!

1. Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.1 Running Sports Headphones

While working out, lifting weights and moving quickly, getting tangled up in your headphones is the last thing you want to worry about. This cordless, waterproof option give you the freedom of movement without losing your tunes.

2. FitBelt – Fitness Running Belt 

My only complaint against workout wear is the lack of sizeable pockets. That’s where the FitBelt comes into play to hold your keys, phone, credit card, snacks, whatever you want. It’s like the new generation of fanny pack, that also comes in nine sweet colors!

3. Lolë Sublime Beanie
fitness gift ideas for strong sexy fit women

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Keeping your head warm is super important during those frigid winter runs. This cozy beanie is not only adorable, but has a back opening for your ponytail! How genius is that?! Nothing drives me more insane than having to cram my long locks into a hat. Problem solved!

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4. BitterSweet Hair Tie Bracelet

If you’re like me, you constantly have at least one hair tie on your wrist at all times. “Never leave the house without one” is basically my motto. And ALTHOUGH I’m always prepared when my hair is a hot mess, the downside is a not-so-glam look, and the unavoidable wrist indentation. These bracelets cleverly hold – and conceal – hair elastics and are offered in a variety of finishes.

5. Subscription to Fabletics

Want to sweat in styles inspired and designed by Kate Hudson? Fabletics is a subscription service that curates outfits for you each month, and take it from me, they’re all ADORABLE. I’ve been a member for a while now, and you aren’t obligated to make purchases every month, you simply “skip” when you don’t see anything you like or feel like spending money. Members get special discounts, and your first outfit is only $25!

6. Blender Bottle SportMixer 

There are a LOT of drink options out there that all claim to be the best post-workout beverage. Well, whatever mix you choose, you can’t get it blended to perfection in a run-of-the-mill water bottle. Leak proof, stain proof, and designed for a busy lifestyle, the Blender Bottle and its legendary Blender Ball will keep your drinks and workouts running smooth.

7. Blender Bottle GoStak 

Keeping it in the BB family, the GoStak is basically my newest obsession. I’m a complete organization freak, so something this portable and versatile has NO chance of staying off my Christmas list. Totally customizable, the containers easily connect and lock together so you always take JUST what you need. They also fit inside the Blender Bottle Classic or SportMixer for compact travel.

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8. FitBit 

Tracking your activity is all the rage now, but any trend that gets you moving is a trend I can stand behind. Whatever your lifestyle, there is a FitBit for you. I’ve had the Charge HR for a couple months now, and love how it monitors my heart rate to get an accurate reading of the calories I’ve burned. It also counts my steps, how many floors I’ve climbed, vibrates when someone calls, and acts as my alarm in the morning.

9. Tory Burch FitBit Bracelet

If you decide on the FitBit Flex, but aren’t quite digging the look, Tory Burch has a whole line of accessories to transform your tracker into a chic accessory!

10. Stunning Sport Bras 

When you’ve finished CRUSHING your workout, and walk away feeling like the BEAST that you are, make sure the view from behind matches how FANTASTIC you feel. Having the right bra makes all the difference, and some of the designs out there are straight up breathtaking. The Ridley Bra from Lorna Jane, Free to Be Bra *Wild by Lulu Lemon, and the Eccentric Bra also from Lorna Jane all are so unique, they’ll bring the “wow” factor to your routine.

FitBits, and Sport Bras, and bright Blender Bottles. Headphones, and Bracelets that make my heart sing, these are a few of my favorite things!!!

The above products and links are in no way associated with the brand Strong is Our Sexy, nor was I paid to promote them. All opinions are 100% my own.



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