#HolidayHarmonyYoga Challenge: How to Participate

A daily or weekly yoga practice is a great way to keep your stress levels in check during what can be a very stressful season. So we’re bringing back our popular #HolidaHarmonyYoga Challenge this year – here, on Facebook, and on Instagram! SIOSter Krista (@kirievkm) leads you through 31 days of yoga poses that will both restore and challenge your body from head to toe. If you participated in the 2014 challenge, this is a great way to see how far you’ve come since last year!

What should I know before starting?

As with any physical activity, know your limits before you start. While there are modifications available to each of the poses, you should have an idea of what is available to you – strength-wise, flexibility-wise, and balance-wise – before you attempt each pose. This challenge is designed for women (and men, why not?) who already have some familiarity with yoga. If you are brand-spankin-new to yoga, you are probably better off learning with the help of an in-person instructor who can personally guide and adjust you.

Important: It is a good idea to do some kind of warm-up before you attempt each pose, or to do these at the end of your daily workout. Otherwise, you could injure yourself by asking cold muscles to move in a way they’re not ready for. (Legal disclaimer: Participate at your own risk. Strong is Our Sexy and Krista cannot be held responsible for any illness or injury caused by your choice to participate.)

What do I need? 

Yoga can be done practically anywhere that you have enough space. A mat is the most helpful accessory, although a beach towel can do in a pinch. You might also want to use yoga blocks and/or a strap to help you access certain poses. Don’t have blocks or a strap? Thick books, or something similarly chunky and firm, can serve as blocks, and you can fashion a strap out of a towel or scarf (one that doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it).

Do I have to do the poses every day?

While that’s the general idea, you can also do multiple poses on one day if you find you can’t fit in a daily practice. Last year, some people even created collages of the poses for the week instead of posting every day.


What if I can’t do a pose as pictured?

Krista is a pretty advanced yogini with incredible flexibility and balance, so you might see her in fully-engaged poses that look impossible. Fear not! There is no shame in modifying the poses to meet your own level. The last thing we want is for you to push yourself too far for that perfect Insta pic. Listen to your body! 

How do I get started? 

1 – Follow Strong is Our Sexy on Facebook and/or Instagram. We will post each day’s pose on both places, grouped under the hashtag #holidayharmonyyoga2015

2 – Tag your friends to invite them to join you.

3 – Review the pose and the instructions carefully before you make your attempt.

4 – Take a video or snap a photo of yourself in the pose.

5 – Post your results to FB/Insta. Make sure to tag @strongisoursexy and @kirievkm and use the official hashtag so we can all follow along with each other!

Do your best, have fun, and enjoy taking some time for yourself! We can’t wait to see your progress!

Challenge begins Tuesday, December 1 and runs through December 31. 

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