Beast Mode Engaged: 38 Fitness Classes in One Month

Meet Heather. Heather decided to test her limits and make a commitment to her health: during the month of December, she would take every fitness class offered at Bella Forza Fitness, the all-women fitness studio where Strong is Our Sexy was born. This may not seem like a tall order, until you realize that Bella offers 38 different fitness classes, covering everything from Aerial Arts to Zumba!

Heather tells us how she got through the month, some surprises she found along the way, and just what Strong is Our Sexy means to her.

Q: What made you decide to do this challenge?

Heather takes on Lyra one of the fitness classes offered at Bella Forza Fitness

Heather takes on Lyra (aerial hoop).

There were a few reasons, but it was Beth, the owner of Bella Forza [and SIOS], who inspired me more than anything.

Beth was diagnosed with cancer last spring and went through her diagnosis, surgery, radiation and chemo with such determination and perseverance. I never saw her without a smile on her face, and I never saw any doubt in her eyes. She is a wonderful woman and a great mentor, and I am glad that I can call her a friend.

Q: Did you have any apprehensions going into it?

Boy, did I!!!! The day before I was supposed to start, I lay in bed and thought, “What the heck am I thinking?!” I enjoy just doing pole dance fitness. I was actually terrified of some of the classes on the schedule. I almost called the whole thing off. But I gave myself a HUGE pep talk and bought new sneakers!

Q: What were your favorite fitness classes that you had never taken before?

body pump fitness classes at Bella Forza Fitness

Do you even LIFT? Heather does!

It is a tossup between Body Combat and Body Pump!

Q: Did any classes surprise you?

The [Les Mills] GRIT classes. These are the classes I was terrified of. I heard stories of people getting sick during GRIT Plyo. I was very apprehensive going into these, but I really enjoyed them! Were they hard? Absolutely! But they were worth it. And before I knew it, the half hour was finished and I survived!

Q: What classes do you plan to continue after the challenge?

Definitely Body Combat and Body Pump. And Zumba! I loved Zumba!!! I actually plan on setting up a schedule so I can do most of the classes. One week do some and then the next do others. That way I am not stuck in the same routine every week.

Q: What did you learn about yourself?

I learned that I can decide to do something and actually stick to it. That isn’t something that I am known for. I get bored easily and tend to start many things and never finish them. I learned that setting a goal for myself and actually following through with it feels AMAZING!

body combat fitness classes at Bella Forza Fitness

Heather performs an advanced plank using a resistance band.

Q: What advice to you have to other women interesting in stepping outside their comfort zone?

Just go for it! You never know what is waiting for you if you stay wrapped up in your little bubble. I have met some wonderful women during this month who I would never have met if I hadn’t started this! I have learned that my body is capable of doing things I never thought it could!

It is OK to be afraid to try something new. But if you don’t try it, you could be missing out on one of the best things that ever happen to you! So go buy yourself a new pair of sneakers, and jump on in!!!!

Q: What does Strong if Our Sexy mean to you?

Strong is Our Sexy means so many different things to me. But the most important thing is that Sexy doesn’t have an image. You don’t have to be stick thin or wear the latest fashions. You just have to believe in yourself. Believe that you can do anything. Believe that no matter what, you are beautiful. And if you are Strong on the inside, then you are Sexy on the outside.


Do you take fitness classes? Would you ever do something like Heather’s challenge? 

Or maybe the better question is: What’s stopping you? 

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