16 Stylish Organization Options for a Strong & Sexy 2016

You remember our 15 Organization Options from last year? Well, hold onto your label makers, ladies, because we are stepping it up and ringing in the new year with not 15, but 16 NEW stylish ways to keep your home looking strong and sexy in 2016.

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1. Desktop Organizer

1. Desktop organizer 2. File with hanging folders 3. Round artisan crunch can 4. Pet food storage container 5. Canisters 6. Acrylic trays 7. Cable management box 8-9 Wire magazine rack and basket

Start off the New Year with a clean desk and a clear mind. This sleek organizer has a modern design that will look great with any decor. Don’t have a desk? Keep it in the kitchen for utensils, or in a craft room filled with paint brushes and markers!

2. Tabletop File with Hanging Folders 

I’m not sure what I love more about these hanging folders: the dreamy mint color, or the shiny gold frame. Its Mid-Century Modern vibe feels like something straight out of Mad Men!

3. Round Artisan Crunch Can 

This multi-purpose can is perfect for hauling around dirty towels, keeping toys organized, or simply using to throw all the “randoms” around the house into. It’s offered in a variety of colors, and can be crunched down for easy storage.

4. Pet Food Storage Container 

Even though I don’t have a pet, I want this container so very badly! It’s blue, it’s beautiful, and I can think of a million other things to put in it besides Kibble and Bacon Bits.

5. Canisters

Rose gold is becoming more and more on trend, and why not?!? It’s the love child between two of my favorite colors: PINK + GOLD!  These multi-purpose canisters will bring a whole lotta glam wherever you use them.

6. Acrylic Trays

Acrylic is another one of those classic design elements you can invest in early, and never get rid of. Always stylish, easy to clean, and Lord knows you can never own too many trays.

7. Cable Management Box

I truly believe my charger cords come alive at night and hold wrestling matches. No matter how many times I  untangle them, they always seem to find their way into a giant knot. Knot to mention (see what I did there) how ugly a giant mess of wires look. This box keeps all those unsightly cords hidden, while providing a cute little place to charge your devices.

8. + 9. Wire Magazine Rack and Basket 

You can’t go wrong with a wire basket. Keep them out for everyone to see, or use them to sort messes on closet shelves or under bathroom sinks. Mount the magazine rack onto the wall for a quick and easy “sorting station” for all your mail. Get those ‘zines in line before you even fathom just tossing them on the counter.

16 Stylish Organization Options for 2016

10. Pineapple jar 11. Crystal box 12. Agate bookends 13. Underbed storage 14. Ring holder 15. Robotic vacuum 16. Deluxe trash can

10. Glass Pineapple Jar

Do I even need to give a reason?

11. Crystal Box

If you’re anything like me, you constantly have a tiny pile on your dresser of mismatched earrings, loose change, buttons, bobby pins, and whatever else found in your pockets that day. This little box with those stunning crystals on top is PERFECT for that end-of-the-day pocket dump.

12. Agate Bookends

Keeping with the theme of magical crystals, these agate bookends are just begging to squish together your favorite collection of romance novels. Not a book worm? They’re equally fabulous chillin’ alone on a shelf.

13. Underbed Storage

Under the bed is no longer where dust bunnies and Rihanna’s friendly monster go to hide. If you’re not already utilizing this space, go out and buy these baskets ASAP!

14. Giraffe Ring Holder 

I can’t even handle the amount of cute this little guy is dishing up. Toss your rings at his feet and drape your bracelets around his neck! He’ll keep all your accessories nice and safe while you go out and find your inner animal.

15. Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot 

OMG where have you been all my life!?!?! Push a button, and the Roomba just takes off sweeping your floors all by itself. Depending on the model, you can schedule it to clean at certain times every day, and the super fancy versions can be controlled via a phone app!

16. Step Trash Can 

Probably the most expensive waste receptacle I’ve ever seen, but after checking out all the bells and whistles, it’s pretty legit. Durable, sanitary, sleek, and sexy. What else could you ask from a trash can?


Cleaning and organizing the house MAY seem like a daunting chore, but treat yo self the right tools, you can accomplish ANYTHING!!!


The above products and links are in no way associated with the brand Strong is Our Sexy, nor was I paid to promote them. All opinions are 100% my own.


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