Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart About Your Heart Health

Hey, beautiful. I know heart disease isn’t the most glamorous topic to talk about. Nor is it probably something that’s on your mind a lot while you’re out and about #owningyourstrong (except maybe when you get it pumping at the gym or on the dance floor). Fact is, a strong, healthy heart is critical to a strong, healthy You. And with heart disease affecting millions – MILLIONS – of U.S. women a year, heart health is just too darn important for any of us to stay in the dark about.

In recognition of National Heart Health Month, we’ve gathered some need-to-know facts about women’s hearts and what we need to do to keep them healthy. The infographic below spells it all out for you – click or tap it to get a larger, downloadable version. Then get on over to our Facebook page to spread the good word of heart health across the larger sisterhood of strong women.

As Sisters in Strength, we gotta do everything in our power to support each other in every way possible — even, and especially, the invisible dangers to our livelihood, like heart disease. So after you’ve digested this heart health graphic, don’t forget to Share it, Pin it, Tweet it! Sharing is caring!


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