The Own Your Strong Coloring Book is Here!

The first and only coloring book of its kind – one that celebrates strong women and supports them in all they do to show that strength to the world

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There are many reasons to love coloring:

  1. Coloring reconnects you to your inner child. Sometimes, the grown-up world is just too heavy, too stressful, too full of responsibilities. Of course, you’re strong enough to handle it, but every now and then it’s nice to shed those expectations and remember what it’s like to play.
  2. Coloring is therapeutic. There’s science behind this – the act of coloring has distinct effects on the brain, which also translate to the body. A coloring habit can even help you get better sleep!
  3. Coloring lets you be creative. No two coloring pages will come out the same. How often in your daily life do you get to express yourself with art? For most of us, those opportunities are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave them.

We created the Own Your Strong coloring & activity book just for you, because you deserve it. You deserve to connect to that part of yourself. You deserve a little downtime. You deserve images, articles, and activities that speak to your womanhood and your strength. You can color these pages in, tear them out, put them on your fridge, and be proud.

(There’s even a page of cut-out affirmations – perfect to drop in your lunchbox, tape to your mirror, or keep in your wallet for a regular boost!)


Coloring is also fun to do as a group – the Own Your Strong writers came together to color in these sample pages while we were designing the book, and it turned into a lovely afternoon session of gal pal time and bonding over crayons, colored pencils, and even watercolors.

The Own Your Strong coloring & activity book is now on sale for just $9.95.

If you live in the Cincinnati area, you can pick it up at Bella Forza Fitness, 4325 Red Bank Rd. 45227 – just select that option when you place your order. Shipping is also available to those in other parts of the U.S. This also makes an awesome gift for the strong girl or woman in your life!

GET IT, GIRL – Go to our Shop

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