5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Holiday Ornaments

Are you the type of person who has a decorating “theme” each holiday season? Changing out your bulbs and tree swag to match the scheme of the year?

90% of the time, I am NOT one of those people. 100% of the time I WISH I was one of those people!!! Especially as I walk through Hobby Lobby and their HOLIDAY FAIRY WORLD SPECTACULAR available every color and pattern your imagination could possibly handle.

I tend to put things pretty much in the same place year to year, and my color scheme has never swayed far from the traditional red and gold. Recently, though, I was gifted almost 200 ornaments from a relative who said I should take them “Just in case you want to mix things up!” And not just any ornaments, oh no, these babies are pink, blue, lime green, purple, and completely covered in glitter….

…basically ME, in Christmas bulb form.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to start decorating. The only problem? No way were all of these going to fit on our tree. So from my home to yours, I now present 5 holiday ornament ideas NOT on your tree!

Got vases? Fill ’em up! 

Vases, lanterns, bowls, hurricane jars, whatever you have! Fill them to the brim with ornaments, and you’ve instantly created the perfect centerpiece for your table or accent for your mantle.

5 Holiday Ornaments Ideas NOT on Your Tree

Platters aren’t just for appetizers. 

Set a couple candles on an oversized plate or serving platter, surround with ornaments, and your hallway table has never looked better.

5 Holiday Ornaments Ideas NOT on Your Tree

From the windoooow to the wall! 

To create this window treatment, I simply measured out some ribbon, tied an ornament to the end, and attached each strand to the top of our window using duct tape. These will be simple to take down, and you could easily customize the look by using whatever ribbon you happen to have on hand.

5 Holiday Ornaments Ideas NOT on Your Tree

Everlasting shelf life. 

Adding ornaments to your existing shelf decor, is an almost effortless way to bring holiday spirit to your home. For my new bathroom shelves, I stuck to a simple color combo of pink and gold, and just set a handful or ornaments around what was already there.

5 Holiday Ornaments Ideas NOT on Your Tree

Step up your stair game. 

Stair railings are just BEGGING to be decorated with lights and greenery. This year I tied an ornament to some ribbon, and simply tied each one to where my garland wrapped around the spindles. I LOVE the extra pop of color it adds, and the christmas lights make them sparkle!

5 Holiday Ornaments Ideas NOT on Your Tree

See! You don’t even need a tree to trim. All you need are some basic craft supplies, a little imagination, and you’re on your way to be completely FESTIVE beyond all reason this holiday season.

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