Making Metabolic Conditioning Less Scary: Q&A with Two MetCon Champs

Five years ago, I decided to set a new year’s resolution every year that pushed me outside my comfort zone. It started with trying Zumba and performing in a pole showcase and has only grown from there. I recently had a baby and am getting ready to start training for some races this summer.

My resolution this year is to try Metabolic Conditioning (“MetCon”). What is Metabolic Conditioning? High intensity circuit training using total body, compound exercises and very short recovery intervals. It is a method of training that involves a very high work rate, using exercises designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximize calories burned after your workout.

I’ve heard it’s intense but can really improve endurance and overall fitness. That being said, I’m a little intimidated! It’s been ten months since I did high intensity exercise, so I asked some experienced MetConners, Heather and Verona, to give me the lowdown.

What did you think of the class before you took it?

V: I was extremely terrified of the class because I knew I disliked anything cardio related, so I was very hesitant. But so many people told me I would be fine or that it was a different type of cardio.

H: I needed to find a cardio class that I like. One of the instructors thought I would like it so I gave it a try.

What did you think after your first class?

V: I remember thinking that it was everything I thought it would be but so much better. I left class dripping sweat so at that moment, I knew it was what I needed.

H: It was hard, but I liked the challenge.


What made you go back?

V: I really didn’t go back for a while due to my schedule, but when I went back, it was because I was told that to get the results I wanted, I needed a different type of cardio in my life. I saw those changes over time.

H: The challenge the class meant to me; the chance to get better.

What improvements have you seen since starting MetCon?

V: It has helped me shed inches and increase my endurance. It has also helped me find that willingness to try anything that I thought I couldn’t do. Because now I understand if it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger.

H: It has built my endurance, helped improve my form, and given me strength. Personally, it helps relieve stress and give me more energy throughout the day.

What has surprised you by taking this class? Any fitness milestones?

V: Well, it surprised me that I would grow to love the class as much as I did! And that I would have wanted it to be part of my everyday fitness routine.

H: I can do a full burpee with the push-up and a jump at the end! I’ve learned when you get the correct form for an exercise, it is much easier than when you overthink it.


What advice would you give to someone interested in trying MetCon?

V: Don’t be afraid to just walk through the door and watch it change your life…and just remember to breathe.

H: Be patient and work at the pace that is best for you. Give it your all and you will see results. Most importantly, look for the fun in the class!


What are your current goals?

V: To continue to tone and build strength and endurance and be a healthy version of the best me that I can be.

H: To continue to get better, to push myself beyond what I think my limits are. This class has the strongest of women in it and I want to continue to feel that I am as strong as they are to inspire someone else the way I have been inspired. And if I lose weight, that would be the icing on the cake.


What does Own Your Strong mean to you?

V: Own Your Strong, to me, is just that: owning my strength inside and out, by getting up every day and pushing to keep going and helping others to find their strong, whatever it may be.

H: To be who you are. We all have something that we do better than anyone else. To acknowledge that side of yourself and be proud of it. Love yourself. You can’t love or appreciate anyone until you love yourself. No matter what, if you’re a daughter, sister, wife, friend or mom, you have to put yourself first or you can’t help anyone else.

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