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Work Your Strong: Two Tales of Assertive Women on the Job

A lot of what our “Own Your Strong” mantra encompasses is confidence, in every area of your life. It’s one thing to be confident on the dance floor, in the gym, or in your hobbies, but many women struggle with … Continue reading

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My Dirty Little Secret: Confronting the Truth of Depression

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month (October), our blogger Marisa opens up about her journey and what she wants other people to know about depression and other mental health issues.  I live my life pretty transparently; it’s the only way … Continue reading

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Important Tips for Working Out with DVDs & Videos

Fitness is a multibillion-dollar industry that is always churning out new books, equipment, trendy devices, and especially videos. From the infomercials making insane promises (admit it, you’ve gotten sucked into watching one at least once) to YouTube how-to’s there’s no shortage … Continue reading

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I’m a Sports Fan. Not a “Female” Fan. Thanks Very Much.

Sports: Just like most things, its not just for men. We picked two superfans out of the stands and asked them to speak up about life as a sports fan who also happens to be a woman. Continue reading

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Push Play: Working Out with DVDs and Videos

Workout DVDs and online videos can have a place in your fitness plan, especially if you like working out at home. Here are some tips to consider before you get started with them. Continue reading

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We’re Not Sex Objects on Skates: Inside Roller Derby

Strong is Our Sexy spoke with two women to learn how they were transformed inside and out by the increasingly popular, but often misunderstood sport of roller derby. Continue reading

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What Kind of Workout Buddy Are You?

Along the way, there are several kinds of “fitness buddies” you might find yourself running with, literally or figuratively.
What kind of fitness buddy are you, and who do you have in your crew? Continue reading

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