As a blog supporting women’s empowerment, Own Your Strong encourages each woman to discover her inner strength and beauty, and build on those qualities to create the foundation for the fulfilling life she wants and deserves.

We affirm that STRONG is a state of mind, an attitude that comes from within. When a woman wears her confidence on her sleeve, when she loves herself and resists comparisons to others, when she leads from the heart and dares to dream big… she shines.

Every path is unique, but the journey is shared. The Strong sisterhood exists to support each other on that journey as we explore and define what being a woman means to each of us, and live out that vision through our actions, words, and values.

Own Your Strong is published by Bella Forza Fitness, an all-women fitness studio in Cincinnati, OH. Visit BellaForzaFitness.com to learn more.