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Weight Lifting and Baby Lifting: How my fitness journey helped me in motherhood

Babies love and need to be carried and held. A lot. Most of the time, moms need to do other things while holding their babies. When I became a mom, I realized very quickly that all these new activities and … Continue reading

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Point of View: Child-Free and No Less of a Woman

For a long time, I felt ashamed and guilty because I didn’t want to be a mom. I thought something was wrong with me because all of the women in my life were excited to become mothers. I loved working with children as a teacher, but I felt a relief when the children went home with their parents. Continue reading

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Scientist Turned Mother: Being “Dr. Mom” to Triplets

Laurie Lambert, a writer and mother living in Cincinnati, shares with our readers the story of early days with her triplets and the kind of precise attention they needed in order to grow. Twenty years later, the medical logs she used to keep track of their progress remind her of her days as Dr. Mom. Continue reading

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Adventures in Stay-at-Home Motherhood: Tips for New Moms

Every once in a while I wonder what it would be like if I had gone back to work. If I had had a better job, it might have been more of a decision, but becoming a stay home mom has been a much better fit for me. Here are my tips for other moms taking this path. Continue reading

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