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How to Replace Self-Criticism with Self-Compassion

Picture the last time you looked in the mirror. Maybe you were getting ready for a big night out, analyzing each detail of your appearance, critiquing yourself for those elements of your body you wish were different.  What do you … Continue reading

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Role Modeling Healthy Habits and Body Image for Your Kids

As an adult, getting to know other adults – coworkers, new friends, significant others – I learned that other people are different than me. Groundbreaking. Each of us had a different upbringing. Different states, cities, or parts of town, different … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart About Your Heart Health

With heart disease affecting millions – MILLIONS – of U.S. women a year, heart health is just too darn important for any of us to stay in the dark about. This infographic breaks down what you need to know to protect your heart. Continue reading

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Gimme Some Sugar: Managing Sugar Cravings and Boredom

Sugar cravings. Who doesn’t struggle with them? Guest contributor Jen VanLandingham looks at some of the motivations, both physical and emotional, behind sugar cravings, and offers tips on how to curb them. Continue reading

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I’m a Survivor: As One Cancer Chapter Ends, Another Begins

2016 started off with the long awaited day that brought the news my family and I were hoping for: remission. Words cannot explain the flood of emotions after 165 days of diagnosis, radiation, chemotherapy, and testing for cancer in my reproductive organs. My cancer … Continue reading

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Real Mom Stories: A Toddler’s First Trip to the ER

One mom recounts the story of the time she was eight months pregnant with her second child when her first, Michaela, broke her leg playing with Dad at home, and offers advice to other mothers who have to face the ER with their little ones. Continue reading

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What We’re Grateful For, 2015 Edition

Although Thanksgiving is a time to eat your heart out with family and friends, it is also a time to reflect on all of the positive things in your life. Our writers wanted to share some of the things they are grateful for this year.
We hope this inspires you to reflect on and be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. Continue reading

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