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Snowed In? Burned Out? Date Nights You Can Do at Home

Particularly during the winter, it can be more difficult to find or think of activities to do as a date or as quality time together. Here are a few ideas for date nights IN – no going out in the cold, or hiring a sitter! Continue reading

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Those Heart-Melting Mom Moments When You Know They Love You

When my daughter was about 11 months old, she learned to hug, and was very into hugging. She thought it was so much fun to hug us, our dog, and her stuffed animals. It was very cute, and we just … Continue reading

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Those Heart-Melting Moments When You Know They Love You

Moms share their stories of those special moments when their children did something that made them feel loved. Have a moment like this? Share it in the comments! Continue reading

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Pop Culture’s Ugly Lessons on Love & Dating

The media loves to sell us on love. Practically every popular movie, TV series, pop song, or tabloid news headline is packaged with a love story. Most of the time, they get it WRONG.

And about 99% of the time, they get it wrong, wrong, wrongity wrong. There’s love, and then there’s Love™, the romantic equivalent of empty calories or knockoff couture. Continue reading

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Heart Healthy Valentines Day Treats

On top of being the month of love, February is also American Heart Month—so what better way to show your self and loved ones some love than by subbing your sugar filled goodies, for these healthier desserts? 1.) Fruit on … Continue reading

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