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Snowed In? Burned Out? Date Nights You Can Do at Home

Particularly during the winter, it can be more difficult to find or think of activities to do as a date or as quality time together. Here are a few ideas for date nights IN – no going out in the cold, or hiring a sitter! Continue reading

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What’s in a (Married) Name: Three Women’s Views

To keep or change your maiden name? That is the question many women face upon getting married, and boy, is it a loaded question. Three women give their perspectives on what their names mean to them. Continue reading

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Splitting the Holidays Between Families? You’re Not Alone

It’s a blessing to have loving families on both sides who want to celebrate the holidays with you and your spouse and child(ren), but can also create a stressful scheduling nightmare. There are a few ways to navigate the obstacles of this season and end in a place of joy: Continue reading

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Point of View: Deciding I Was Ready to Be a Mom

I knew I wanted children of my own, but had spent so much time over the years with little kids, I suppose I was giving myself a break until motherhood. I knew that once I had children of my own, I would love them with all my heart. I was just waiting for the righttime. Continue reading

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Becoming a Step-Mom: An Unexpected Journey

Emily’s life and family are not what she had originally planned and envisioned for herself, but she found that having a stepson “actually adds to our relationship. I cannot imagine my life without him now.” Continue reading

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Be a Badass Bride with This DIY Wedding Binder

While planning my own wedding, one of the things that kept me composed was having a wedding binder. Organizing the INSANE amount of information needed to pull off a wedding all in one place helped immensely during the entire process. With a few office supplies you can create your own, and be on your way to happily ever after! Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your Wedding Bankrupt You: 6 Essential Budgeting Tips

Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive.  But you can have a beautiful wedding without spending a fortune. Here are few tips that can help you save money while still having a memorable wedding. Prioritize your expenses After I … Continue reading

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