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Women Give Voice to Gender-Based Violence at V-Day Event

Two days before Valentine’s Day, 22 women shared their own personal stories, and the stories of contributors, through poetry, verse, and song at Women Writing for (a) Change (WWf(a)C) to raise awareness about the reality of gender-based violence. Continue reading

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Carrying Forward the Tradition of Roots Music: Meet Pam Temple

As the frontwoman of a roots/folk/traditional music group, and host of the Evening Music radio program on WNKU 89.7, Pam Temple is in tune with her own voice and how she can use it to reach people. Continue reading

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The Blues Never Looked So Sexy: Meet Kelly Richey

As an accomplished and acclaimed blues musician, poet/songwriter, guitar teacher, and life coach, Kelly Richey has made her mark (and she isn’t finished yet) through the power of her voice – figuratively and literally. Continue reading

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Silencing the Inner Voice of Self-Criticism

If self-judgment and self-bullying is what we tend to do – and what, according to research, can be detrimental to many aspects of our health and well-being – what is the alternative? Continue reading

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Finding That Inner Rock Star, One Karaoke Bar At A Time

The beauty of karaoke is that people tend to cheer even if the singer sucks isn’t vocally blessed — in fact, sometimes that makes it even better. But if you’re still feeling a little mic-skittish, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind before your big karaoke debut. Continue reading

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Point of View: The Trials and Triumphs of Being Tall

Contributed by Strong is Our Sexy reader Amaryl Gruber. Don’t miss the partner perspective to this article, Point of View: Sure, I’m Petite, But I Can Touch the Sky. “Being tall is an advantage, especially in business. People will always … Continue reading

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Giving Voice to my LGBTQ Pride

I write this days after having attended my first Pride parade, where Mother Nature delivered no rainbows, but plenty of rain. Between peeping at parade floats under the edge of my umbrella and trying to convince myself that no, really, … Continue reading

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