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How to Replace Self-Criticism with Self-Compassion

Picture the last time you looked in the mirror. Maybe you were getting ready for a big night out, analyzing each detail of your appearance, critiquing yourself for those elements of your body you wish were different.  What do you … Continue reading

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Make a Date with That Special Someone — YOURSELF!

I know, dating yourself sounds like a strange concept. Believe or not, there are many benefits. Don’t believe me? Try out some of these ideas on yourself and feel the love! Continue reading

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Learning to Love My Dark Side

I put a lot of energy towards keeping my Dark Side tightly under control. The optimist in me believes that if I just close my eyes and try hard enough, I can pretend she doesn’t exist. But that’s actually doing more harm than good. Continue reading

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Then and Now: What I Had to Overcome to Love Myself

Thirty-one years ago, my battle with disordered eating began. Now I face a disparate challenge: cancer. Once asked if the “C” diagnosis was more difficult to deal with than my “ED” – my response was, is and will always be “NO!” Why is that? Keep reading… Continue reading

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Silencing the Inner Voice of Self-Criticism

If self-judgment and self-bullying is what we tend to do – and what, according to research, can be detrimental to many aspects of our health and well-being – what is the alternative? Continue reading

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Point of View: Sure, I’m Petite, But I Can Touch the Sky

“You’ll grow up and get big and tall,” was what I always heard. I figured my time to be tall was coming. As the years went on, I certainly got taller, but I soon learned that “tall” was never going to be something I would be able to achieve. Continue reading

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How Women Can Stop Being Their Own Worst Critics

The overwhelming tendency of individuals – especially women – is to bully ourselves when we see our imperfections. But self-criticism rarely inspires us to improve. The alternative? Self-compassion. SIOS’s mental health blogger Stephanie has some exercises and resources to help you learn to be kinder to yourself. Continue reading

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